Movie verse crack. The team uses a small, obscure chat board to check in with each other when they get separated and cell phones are too risky. It rarely goes well.

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce has entered /chat/topic266993/

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: first?

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: FIRST \0/ YEAH BABY YEAH

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: lonely now tho

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i am disappoint

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: do u know whatís fun? movie quotes

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i will say one, then guess what itís from

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: alright you primitive screw-heads, listen up. see this? this is my boomstick!

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i know i know!!!

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: army of drkness

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i love that one

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: me too

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: lol

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: try another

embrassez-moi has entered /chat/topic266993/

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: Hi hi Faceguy!!!

embrassez-moi: Murdock - what the hell are you doing?

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: <33333333333333333

embrassez-moi: How you been, buddy? Thatís an eye watering color youíve chosen

Guest has entered /chat/topic266993/

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: hey, bossman <33333333333333

Guest: How many times do I have to tell you guys - no names, no signing in

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: iím 12 years old and what is this

embrassez-moi: Not my fault, boss, I was already signed up here forÖsomething else.

Guest: Why does that not surprise me

embrassez-moi: Plus, if we were all guests, we wouldnít be able to tell who was talking

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i would

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i can feel you all through the monitor

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: itís like i can touch you thru the keys

embrassez-moi: Thatís maybe the creepiest thing youíve ever

Guest: Where is our 4th member? I told him 1900 hours sharp

embrassez-moi: said, HM

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: your argument is invalid - Morgan Freeman has cotton candy

embrassez-moi: I donít even get that reference


embrassez-moi: Oh, ok, I remember that

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: But what are your thoughts on yaoi?

embrassez-moi: what

embrassez-moi: HMÖstay off 4chan, Iím begging you.

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: we are anonymous

Guest: Not anonymous enough.

Guest: You guys okay? Any problems?

embrassez-moi: All clear here

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: Scrumpdillyicious, bossman

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: when are we gonna rondy-voo?

Guest: Letís get everyone here, first

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: Desu

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: got a song stuck in my head

embrassez-moi: Only way to get rid of it is to listen to it, right?

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i am singing it instead

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: i am bluffin with my muffin

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: iím not lyin iím just stunnin with my love glue gunnin

embrassez-moi: LOL

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: just like a chick in the casino take your bank before i pay you out

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: boss i know youíre laughing

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: youíre supposed to type LOL

Guest: Sorry. Not my style, son

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: thatís ok

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce: brb tired of this screen name, desu

Super_Captain_AWESOMEsauce has left the chat

Guest: That boy belongs on the internet.

embrassez-moi: Sometimes I think heís responsible for most of what happens online, all by himself.

Guest: Where the hell is

Noflyzone has entered /chat/topic266993/

DaNgEr_RaNgEr has entered /chat/topic266993/

Guest: Never mind. Good timing.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: oh hey, mudsucka! i missed you sooooooooooooooo much

Noflyzone: Only been two days, fool

Noflyzone: Sorry Iím late, fellas. Crowded @ the library

Noflyzone: Had to boot some moron lookin at porn

embrassez-moi: And when you say boot, I have a feelingÖ

Noflyzone: Dumbass met my boot real hard

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: what kind of porn

embrassez-moi: No, donít ask!

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: was it like Casa Erotica, Busty Asian Beauties, what

Noflyzone: Fool, what is wrong with you

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: how much time you got, big guy? thereís an official list


Guest: If you kids are through messing around, weíve got business, here

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: Sir

embrassez-moi: Yessir

Noflyzone: Yes sir

Guest: Be sure any heat is off your backs, then meet up at location 6 tomorrow at 0700.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: ok, but can we rename it area 51?

Guest: We already have a system, HM.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: iím happy for you, boss, and imma let you finish, but beyonceí had the best system of all time

Noflyzone: Shut up, fool!

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: itís just that i already accidentally the whole thing

Guest: What am I missing, here?

embrassez-moi: Nothing. Seriously, boss, donít get into thisÖsave yourself

Noflyzone: ??? Accidentally what?

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: the whole thing

Noflyzone: You accidentally did what?

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: you should have seen it, i mean, it was the WHOLE THING




Noflyzone: The whole WHAT?

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: the whole THING. it was OVER 9000

Noflyzone: Iím asking you one more time, fool

Noflyzone: And then Iím going to KILL YOU for this bullshit

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: it was an accident, but

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: it was still the whole thing

Noflyzone: Thatís it

Noflyzone: Are we done here? Because the fool is done when I see him

Guest: All this for about two lines of actual instructionsÖyes, that was all.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: but you still like mudkipz, right, mudsucka?

Noflyzone has left the chat

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: play him off, keyboard cat.

embrassez-moi: LOL

Guest: Iím getting tired of being the only adult in these things.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: no worries, boss. next time you act crazy and iíll be the adult

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: weíll take turns

embrassez-moi: Heís not going to cool down before he sees you, HM

embrassez-moi: Youíd better have a peace offering.

Guest: And a quick means of escape. Good luck.

Guest: You two stay out of trouble until then. Understood?

embrassez-moi: Gotcha, boss.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: iím saluting

Guest: It better be with your hand. Goodnight, boys

Guest has left the chat

embrassez-moi: LOL

embrassez-moi: Well, see you tomorrow, HM.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: ahb-so-luuuuutely

embrassez-moi: You *do* remember where loc 6 is, right?

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: of course! i was just foolin

embrassez-moi: Yeah, I figured.

embrassez-moi: Goodnight, you lunatic

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: i resemble that remark

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: night, Face

embrassez-moi has left the chat

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: testing, testingÖany lurkers?

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: lurk moar?


DaNgEr_RaNgEr: where the right blue hell is location 6, again? shit

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: not supposed to write these things down

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: i wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be HEY

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: a little gam-b-lin is fun when youre with me

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: Russian roulette is not the same without a gun

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: and baby when itís love if its not rough it isnít fun

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: okÖpoolís closed.

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: i love you guys

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: did i not say that while anyone was here?

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: i will say it tomorrow maybe 6 times to make up for it

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: location 6...i need you

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: Jesus Christ itís a lion get in the car!!!1!

DaNgEr_RaNgEr: no wait, it's just Candlejack. CANDLEJACK? OH SHI

DaNgEr_RaNgEr has left the chat

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