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Three Point Landing

Humor, wingfic. Dean is bitchslapped by an elemental and it's Sam who has to cope.

5600 words, light R for language and feather-fondling.

Four Wall Rule

Humor, drama, wingfic. The boys didn't think the wings would be back - or the elementals.

5459 words, light R for language and more feather-fondling.

Pleading the Fifth

Humor, drama, wingfic. Hiding underground won't always work - but Dean finds out the hard way that the wings do.

7139 words, light R for language and even more feather-fondling.

Six Feet Under

Humor, drama - do I have to add 'wingfic'? The guys hide in the wrong place, the other elemental factions kick in, and Sam's got a power Dean can make bad jokes about for years.

7700 words, PG-13 for language and Sam's feather obsession.


Holy water is still water, guys, and the elements are at war.

15,900 words, solid R for language, blasphemy, and sexual situations. Notes

Volverse Un Ocho

Tornadoes, demons and elementals; oh my.

10,881 words, PG-13 for kissing and cursing.

The Ninth Circle

Bobby warned them all he could. The price for their gifts comes due.

21,500 words, R for violence, language, and character death.

Nothing By Halves

Coda to Ninth Circle. Sam and Dean try and deal with what happened in Iowa.

1700 words, PG

Counting To Ten

Finishing out the cycle at Bobby's was supposed to be a safe bet. Whoops.

14,400 words, R for language and wingcest. In Bobby’s yard.


The cycle's over for Dean, but that brings its own problems.

~13,600 words, NC-17 for a more graphic level of wingcest and Dean’s filthy, movie-quoting mouth. Bonus: a little schmoop and a barfight, no extra charge.


Last (official) tale in the series. Not necessarily the end. 6,200 words, R.