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Sequel to Immutable Law.

This is _seraphina_ ' s fault for prompting me in the first place, and D ' s fault for asking for a drabble in this setting about a month ago. It decided not to shut up. Your fault, D. And Maygra ' s, since I ' m stealing a bit of shapeshifting, here. Thanks for a quick edit. All mistakes are mine! 5,978 words, NC-17, genderswap, girl!Sam, het, slash, incest, grigori, cursing, angst, inappropriate humor, cliches, crack, run-on sentences, grammar violations, etc. This has no merit of any kind and is likely just reprehensible drivel. I ' m clearing my pores. All you really need to remember from the first tale is Dean telling Sam to ' look it up ' .



They were in Tallahassee rousting a batch of kobolds out of a fertilizer company ' s warehouse and ended up taking three days to do it. They couldn ' t use fire for several reasons, including the fact that fertilizer was used to make bombs for a reason and the owners really didn ' t want to lose the whole place. For the first time in a long time they didn ' t bother to stay organized in many ways, and that meant throwing stuff all over their motel room, too. They were tired and annoyed with each other and the kobolds and humankind in general. They ' d had all kinds of crap thrown at them, literally, and it was getting old. It got stuck in their hair, and Dean had taken a clump of it right in the eye at one point. Sam had grabbed his head and flushed his eyes under a hose, not even apologizing for how cold the water was. Dean was good at inventing epithets, though, he ' d say that much.

At least it was an ' official ' job in that the owners were willing to pay to have the damn things removed. No one else had believed them, the entire employee base had quit, and they were going to lose all their contracts unless Sam and Dean cleared the place out, so they ' d been happy to hire the boys.

Still, it was a damn mess. So no wonder their stuff was all over the place; they were too tired to keep things picked up. Sam ended up rifling through what he thought was his own duffel in the light from the bathroom, looking for anything approaching the last of his clean underwear. He encountered something in the side pocket of the duffel and it confused him enough that he fished it out. Then for a long moment all he could do was stare.

A pair of small black panties, silky between his fingers.

Dean ' s duffel.

Sam stared at the panties in his own hand and couldn ' t raise his eyes to look at Dean. Dean, who had come back into the room from looking for something in the car and had gone still by the door. " You still have... " Sam said, unable to finish the sentence.

" So? " Dean said.

Sam listened to the defensive tone and felt a twinge of sadness over it. It took him a moment to realize it was because he knew Dean hadn ' t kept them to tease him with, or for some weird fetish. They were a souvenir, but without any lecherous connotations.

He missed Marissa .

" Aw, Dean, " Sam sighed.

" Jeez, get over it, " Dean said. They were both carefully not looking at each other by then. " I was gonna...use them to polish the car. You saved me from having to buy them myself. "

The idea of Dean wandering around buying silky panties made Sam strangely happy for a moment. So he put the panties back where he ' d found them and started casting around for his own duffel, wondering if he ' d just have to scrub a few things in the sink. He ' d think about Dean and what it all meant later when he wasn ' t so damn tired.


Kobolds, it turned out, really hated bleach. Dean wasn ' t all that fond of it either, but it drove the little bastards off after some experimentation. And it killed everybody ' s sense of smell for a while, which was also just fine. Their nails were really clean, at least. Dean had managed to get splashed - more eye flushing with the hose - and had one area of hair just above his left eye that was now platinum blond. It kind of looked like a rebellious fashion statement, like Dean had entertained the thought of going punk for five minutes and then changed his mind. Sam said nothing about it. They went back to the motel and slept like the dead.


Sam woke up somewhere around one a.m. feeling odd and was able to focus on what was causing it when he rolled over.

Onto his boobs.

He opened his eyes and felt around under the covers for a moment. Then, rather than panic or laugh like he had the last time, he sighed and rolled onto his back again. " Fucking grigori, " he said. " Dean. "

Dean went on sleeping.

" Dean. "

No response.

Sam leaned up on one elbow and looked over at Dean ' s back. It wasn ' t light yet. He tried to remember if there was anything that had seemed odd before he went to sleep, or about the day before, if he ' d seen anything or felt anything different. Nothing came to mind. Except suddenly he was swimming in his boxers and he ' d gotten rid of the girl clothes because it was never supposed to happen again. Dean had forced the grigori to agree to leave them alone, and -

One grigori. Not all of them. The one they ' d tangled with had sworn to warn them before any of the others messed with them. And it hadn ' t hurt like it had before...

He got up and turned the bathroom light on and looked at himself in the vanity mirror, his hands automatically cupped over his breasts. Same face as before, no changes. His girl-form was really just...him, as a girl. Woman. Whatever.

His boxers fell down.

He sighed and stepped out of them, left them there and flipped the light off. Nothing appeared in the room to mock him or threaten to kill Dean unless he...

He looked at Dean ' s back. The covers had slipped off him and he was tousled hair and a ripple of muscle with both arms folded under his pillow.

Oh, no, hell no, I did not just think that. We ' ll figure this out in the morning. I ' m going back to bed.

I mean, it ' s not like I have anything to make up to him for...after damn near raping him.

It was a setup, there ' d been no other choice, they ' d done what they had to do and then moved on. Sort of. That fleeting moment of thinking of crawling right into bed with Dean and catching him off guard enough to maybe have a little fun was not like him, at all, and that thought was getting shoved down so hard that he practically choked on it.

Felt so good, though.

He crawled back into bed and pulled the covers up. He had to wake Dean and tell him what was going on - well, show him, really - and then they should check to see if anything else was off. Like maybe Dean had turned into a girl too, and --

He clapped his hands over his eyes in an effort to still that thought. No. No. He was not having those thoughts.

He took a deep breath and tried to calm down, only he wasn ' t freaking out. The last time he ' d been in that form, he ' d spent a lot of it seducing Dean. That was all. He was automatically associating the one thing with the other because of circumstance. He could reason the whole thing out and it would be fine. If the grigori were messing with them again, they ' d take care of it. No big deal. Not the strangest thing that had ever happened. Almost the strangest, yeah, but not the top of the list.

He flipped the covers back again and pushed his hands into his hair, twisting it up and out of the way on top of his head as he padded around to the other side of Dean ' s bed. " Dean, " he said, voice soft and breathy. He cleared his throat. " Dean. "

He startled to find the cold, biting point of a viciously sharpened blade resting against the skin just above his navel. He hadn ' t even seen Dean move .

Yeah, that was cool. It had to be wrong to think so. It had to be.

" Dean, " he said, " it ' s just me. "

The blade held steady, and Dean ' s voice bit even harder out of the dark. " I ' m glad you know who you are, darlin ' . Now back off, nice and slow. "

Sam backed up against the wall, hands still on top of his head.

Dean reached and flipped the light on, blade still pointed in Sam ' s direction, eyes squinting into the light.

The blade fell to the floor, and because it was weighted so carefully, it stuck point-down in the floorboards. Even with the light messing with his dark-conditioned eyes, Sam saw the look on Dean ' s face: an instant of startled shock and a moment of longing before the shutters came down.

Sam folded his arms across his chest. " Yeah, " he said.

Dean collapsed back onto his bed with a groan. " Did you see anything? " he said.

" No. Didn ' t feel anything this time, either. Just woke up this way. How the hell do we get out of this if they don ' t even show themselves? "

Dean turned his head and the look on his face was an attempt at annoyance but missed by just a hair when he looked at Sam and tried to keep his eyes raised. " You gotta give me a minute, " he said.

It was good, sometimes, to catch Dean when he wasn ' t quite awake.

" You know it ' s me but you don ' t really think of it as me, yet, do you, " Sam said, making a statement out of it.

Dean screwed his face up into complete annoyance then. " Shut up, Sam. " He glanced again, looking Sam up and down, and then sat up. " C ' mere. "

Sam hesitated for an instant, then obeyed. Dean ' s hands spanned Sam ' s waist, one thumb stroking briefly along the same spot that the knife had come to rest. Sam froze, staring down at the look of concentration on Dean ' s face, trying not to either jump away or lean in.

" I nicked you, " Dean said slowly, eyes far away. " Sorry. " The thumb caressed again, and then Dean leaned in and rested his mouth on the spot.

Sam huffed out a breath, feeling every one of Dean ' s warm fingers against his skin, soaking in the idea as well as the sight and feel of hands and mouth, staring and realizing he just wasn ' t that worried about it this time.

He ' d missed it.

He didn ' t want to stay female but he wanted this.

Dean sat up suddenly, releasing Sam and turning his back. " Feel anything across your back? " he said, voice low and gruff.

" No, " Sam said. " Is it possible something else - "

" You tell me, " Dean said. " You have any dreams, or visions, or - "

" I just think about it all the time, " Sam said, cutting him off. More than ever, recently. He wanted the words back, unspoken, and it was too late, but at least he ' d held that last part back.

Dean was silent, shoulders stiff.

" She said - after you walked away, " Sam said. " She said ' you ' re only good for watching him ' . She can ' t break her vow. Nothing came to warn us. It wasn ' t them. "

" You really Sam, then? " Dean said. The tone was ironic but Sam picked up on the hint of truth.

" You ' ve got your back to me, " Sam said gently. " With your knife on the floor. I could put it right in you anytime. "

" If this is some kind of test, we ' re not playin ' , " Dean said. " She must ' ve...shit, I don ' t know. We gotta figure this out. " He started to rise.

" Hey, " Sam said. " Wait. There ' s not a hell of a lot we can do, until morning. I should ' ve...just try and get some sleep. We ' ll - "

Dean laughed. It was bitter and sardonic and Sam could only stare.

" You have to fuckin ' be kidding me, Sam, " Dean said without looking at him again. " This isn ' t something we can sleep through. It ' s a real good idea if you put some clothes on, though. Anything. "

Sam heard the unspoken please . He had a perverse moment of wanting to ignore him. But he dragged out a T-shirt and proceeded to swim in it while sitting on the edge of his own bed. He watched Dean get dressed as if he was really pissed at clothes in general.

" It ' s not like we can just go barging out there looking for whatever did this, " Sam said. " It ' s not gonna come own up just because we want answers. Unless you feel like summoning - "

Dean towered over him, shirtless, face dark. " This is all just to mess with us, " he said. " It ' s not about you being in another form. It ' s about making you use it. It ' s about getting us to do stuff and distracting us. "

" Then whatever it is will wander in, point and laugh, and tell us what it wants, " Sam said, looking up without tilting his head back. " Don ' t get...well, what are you really this pissed about? "

Dean did that wide-eyed, flaring nostril thing where his mouth curled of its own volition, true anger, one of the few things in life that made Sam uncomfortable whether it was pointed at him or not. He looked down, which unfortunately brought him to eye level with the zipper of Dean ' s jeans.

Dean turned away and it looked for a moment like he was headed for the bathroom, but he paused in the doorway so he could slam the side of his fist against the facing wall. Sam felt the force of it in the floor even as he startled a little. He felt stunned, more by his willingness to push things than by Dean ' s reaction to the situation. Dean should have been teasing him and making cracks about his feminine side even as they started researching what might have been responsible. Instead he was getting all this emotion that had nothing to do with -

Sam thought back to his discovery in Dean ' s duffel days earlier. And how he hadn ' t been able to stop thinking about it since.

Saying it aloud, telling Dean it was okay to admit he was thinking about putting his hands all over that body again even knowing it was his own brother and that Sam was actually more than okay with that would only cause Dean to rattle the wall again.

Or leave. Which was really the smartest thing to do.

He didn ' t want Dean to leave.

" You just don ' t want to have to go clothes shopping with me, " Sam said.

" This is one time you need to be your regular grouchy, life-isn ' t-fair self, Sam, " Dean said without turning around.

Sam felt a moment of satisfaction that he ' d gotten through to Dean, broken down a few defenses and messed with him, even if it had taken changing his form to do it. He immediately felt a little guilty about it, but, not nearly as guilty as he could have. It was like he was giving himself permission to be someone else. That might have prompted him to do a little self-analyzing about why the hell he might want to do that any other time, but, he went straight to the finish line on that one for once and admitted he really did want to be somebody else for a little while.

" What ' re you gonna do, Dean? " Sam said. " Pace around in here and bitch about the whole thing? There ' s not a lot we can do. "

Dean turned around and stared. " Don ' t do that, " he said.

" Do what? "

" Put on the act, " Dean said. " It ' s like you fuckin ' want to be her. "

Sam stared back. There was no way he ' d just seen a flash of fear in his brother ' s face. " There never was any her , Dean, " he said softly. " You want there to be some huge difference in me when I ' m like this, and there really isn ' t. Except for this. " He made a gesture that encompassed his form from head to toe.

" I ' m not this goddamn strong, " Dean said. " Okay? Are you happy now? "

Sam stared. " Dean... "

" I can ' t deal with you like this. So we gotta figure this out, now, right now, and you quit fuckin ' acting like you ' re not freaking out. "

" I ' m not freaking out, " Sam said. He stood and ran his hand through his hair, forgetting for a moment that it was longer. " You ' re not even bothering to pretend you ' re not. So just say it, Dean, just -"

Dean swung Sam up and slammed him against the wall at his own height, and it was nothing when Sam was missing seventy or eighty pounds of his normal weight. Dean pressed him against the wall and Sam wrapped his legs around Dean ' s waist without even meaning to, just to get some leverage.

" We can ' t do this, " Dean said., voice wavering, hands cradling Sam ' s hips and holding him tight against the wall. " We can ' t keep doing this. "

" Don ' t have to, " Sam said, his eyes on Dean ' s mouth. " Just...it ' s only me. " He grabbed Dean ' s face between his hands and leaned in, and it seemed like Dean meant to struggle as a last resort before he simply let Sam in. Sam grabbed the back of Dean ' s head and went for broke, thinking Dean was probably going to back off in a moment. So he ' d enjoy one really good kiss, midair, and -

He took Sam right there against the wall. They never even managed to get their clothes off.

Dean held him against the wall, midair, with one hand while undoing his jeans,

( oh my god, Sam thought, that ' s as cool as the knife thing if not cooler )

...then slid in without breaking that kiss. It was unexpected and unplanned and probably should have been uncomfortable, if Sam hadn ' t been so ready to go. It had Sam coming and coming in under a minute, harder than he remembered from the last time it had happened. He didn ' t even feel Dean carrying him away from the wall and didn ' t realize what the hell was going on until Dean had laid him on the bed without ever losing full body contact, without ever slipping out.

Sam decided that was talent. But he ' d never say so.

" This one of your guilt things? " Dean said, pressing Sam down, pulling the t shirt over Sam ' s head while trying to kick his own clothes the rest of the way off. " This something you think maybe you have to do? "

Sam opened his eyes enough to get a look at Dean ' s face. He moved, trying to get his legs further apart, trying to move down a little and get Dean in further. " Just want you, " he said, then tried to arch right off the bed when Dean finally did move, long, slow thrusts, all the way in and then out to the tip, using his whole damn body to do it, pressing in close and hard on the way in just to nail him on the pubic bone and by default everything near there.

He dug his nails into the muscles of Dean ' s back without really meaning to and said, " Oh, my God, what the...hell are you doing? "

Dean slid his arms underneath Sam ' s shoulders and held him free of the bed, one hand cupping under his head. " Gonna see how many times I can get you to come. "

Okay, well, ask a stupid question, get...

Sam forgot the rest of it because the point had been made and goddamn he ' d have been embarrassed any other time because Dean reached between them and used his knuckles to undulate against his clit. Sam was pretty sure he said a few things that included his brother ' s name and an overuse of the word good and possibly even a profession of love but he wasn ' t positive. It went on for a while. And it didn ' t really matter. It was hot and messy and just right, so for once he ' d kind of worry about it later.

Dean picked up the pace and murmured a soft and breathless stream of filth into Sam ' s ear about what he was going to do to him next and after that and possibly into the next week. Sam decided to be horrified later when he remembered that there were some things a guy never wanted to hear out of his brother no matter what form one of them was in, but, right then it was fine. Fine .

And that whole thing Dean liked to do, like pick him up in girl form and move him around, he really liked that, and he liked it a lot more when Dean rolled and they ended up with Sam on top. Sam sat up in surprise and was really glad he did, because that was a whole new angle and hello it was his show then.

If Dean was actually keeping count of anything, he lost it when Sam figured out how to work his girl parts a little more efficiently and used a few muscles to his own advantage and Dean ' s surprise.

Yeah, apparently Dean made that noise every time . And he had an unobstructed view of Dean ' s face, lips parted and eyes fluttering closed and looking -

Sam would have appreciated it even more if he hadn ' t been busy coming until he thought he might have sprained something. There was no way the average woman was built to do that over and over, because, if they were, he didn ' t understand why they weren ' t as bad as Dean and trying to pick up anything with a pulse.

" Don ' t take this the wrong way, " Sam said once he ' d caught his breath. " But you ' re really goddamn good at this. "

Dean rolled them both over again and propped himself on his elbows, eyes still closed, still looking ridiculously vulnerable. " How would I take that the wrong - "

" Like a compliment, " Sam said. " There ' s no way I just complimented you on your sexual prowess. "

" There ' s no way I just heard the word ' prowess ' come out of your mouth, " Dean said.

" Right, " Sam said. " I don ' t even miss foreplay. Also, if you, uh, stay just like this, sooner or later, we can probably just pick up where we left off. "

Dean was snickering against Sam ' s throat. He moved his hips in a half-thrust, teasing. " You mean right...here? "

Sam gasped and held still. It was almost better than the sex, all the afterplay . Almost. " I ' m okay with that, " he said.

" You can have any form you want and you ' re wasting it on this? " a third voice said.

Dean rolled without looking, trying to reach for a weapon and sweep Sam behind him, but Sam had already rolled as well and ended up purposely straddling Dean, shielding him from whatever was in the direction of the voice.

Across from them on the other bed sat the first grigori Dean had ever met, arms and ankles crossed, cascading auburn curls tossed over one shoulder. She looked utterly bemused.

Dean got Sam in both arms and flung him to the side, earning a pissed-off yelp. " The fuck , " Dean said to the grigori.

She held her hands up, palms outward. " I didn ' t do it, " she said. " No one actually did it. The agreement you made with another still stands. Clever move, by the way. You finally caught on. "

" What the hell do you mean, no one did it? " Dean said, not bothering to even attempt to cover up.

" Think about it for a while, " she said, folding her arms again. " You ' ll understand. " She leaned over a little to get a better look at Sam, who was clutching a pillow in front of himself without even realizing it. " Sam-u-el, you ' ve been unlocked and can ' t be locked up again. That might come in handy, especially in the line of work you two are in. More of a gift, don ' t you think? This is a bit much, though. Fun, but a bit much. " She winked. " Don ' t stay too long or you ' ll be there for...what is it? Nine months. "

Dean whipped his head around to look at Sam. Sam ' s eyes were wide. They hadn ' t even thought about it, this time.

When they looked back, she was gone.

Sam shuddered. The room was cold without Dean...covering him.


Showered and aching in all the right places and dressed in clothes that didn ' t come close to fitting, Sam sat outside with Dean and watched the sun rise. They were sitting in the car, their one safe constant place aside from each other. Dean looked rumpled and grimly concerned and somewhere in the back of his mind Sam added well fucked and enjoyed that idea up one side and down the other. He sat there, relaxed against the seat, realizing that over the shampoo he ' d used he could smell Dean .

It wasn ' t that he was really horny as a girl. It was that he was basically giving himself permission to be different or maybe just more himself, in another form.

You ' ve been unlocked and can ' t be locked up again.

Okay, whatever the hell that meant. But if he put it in context of what she ' d first said, you can have any form you want...

" The one that attacked us, " Sam said. " Changed me the first time. Maybe it really changed me. "

Dean turned his head to look at Sam, and Sam saw the lines around his eyes, the worry.

" I don ' t mean into this, " Sam said. " I mean...to be able to do this. "

Dean narrowed his eyes a little. " You think maybe it ' s you? " Dean said. " That you did this? Not without knowing, Sam. "

Sam thought back to what he ' d said to Dean hours earlier. I just think about it all the time. Only this time he added and so do you. He wasn ' t all that willing to dismiss the idea. " Only one way to find out, " he said. " I ' ll just...try and change back. "

Dean didn ' t say what if you can ' t. He didn ' t have to or need to.

Sam wanted to say I want you in any form I ' m in and it ' s got nothing to do with male or female or being related. But it would be more than Dean could handle, right then, and he knew it. He ' d caught Dean so off guard that Dean would be scrambling for days to get his defenses back in place.

" We ' re too tired to go over this right now, " Sam said. " Maybe I ' ll wake up with the right body. " He got out of the car and headed for the room.

After a moment, Dean followed.

Sam looked at his bed and then stood and watched while Dean got undressed again. Dean slid into bed and then moved to one side and pushed the covers down. " C ' mon, Sammy, " he said.

Sam did. And he snuggled in shamelessly. And Dean let him.


When he awoke again, it was daylight and he immediately became aware of two things: he had his own body back and he was sporting the worst case of morning wood he could remember in a long time. It was wedged between Dean ' s thighs, because he was plastered against Dean ' s back with a really possessive arm over him and his chin tucked into the curve of Dean ' s neck. Moving his hand down a little allowed him to discover thing number three, which was Dean ' s entry in the morning wood tournament.

He felt Dean startle awake. " That better be you, Sam, " Dean said.

" That ' s probably not what you really mean, " Sam said. He stroked a hand up and down Dean ' s stomach without even realizing he was doing it.

" What I really mean is get off me unless you ' re planning on - "

Sam swung a leg over Dean ' s hip and pushed himself over Dean, pulling on his shoulder to throw him on his back and sitting astride. " Okay, " he said. " It ' s kind of what we do after you fuck the other version of me, right? Tradition? "

Dean ' s eyes got huge . Sam would never know that it was only an inch of surprise and another inch for the words themselves but mostly it was the width and breadth of Sam in the morning light, twinkling blue eyes and tousled hair and larger than life.

Sam took the opportunity to reach down and wrap a hand around Dean, causing the open stare to become an arch and a curse.

" Somewhere in this mess I just know you ' ve got lube, " Sam said. " You always do. If for no other reason than because you knew this would happen again eventually, right? " He was gripping way too tight and moving way too slow, twisting his wrist, and Dean pulled one knee up as if he wasn ' t sure he wanted to struggle or help. It was the only normal part of the whole thing.

Dean gestured at the nightstand. At the goddamn nightstand . Sam didn ' t want to know if he ' d been up during the night and put it there in hopes of this or if Dean just did it out of habit, he really didn ' t. Sam reached over and pulled the drawer mostly out of its tracks, feeling around and never taking his eyes off Dean. " Cocky bastard, " he said.

" Funny you should say that, " Dean said, eyes to the ceiling, beginning to smirk.

Sam wiped it off his face by starting with two fingers.

Dean sat halfway up, bracing himself on his elbows. " God damnit. "

Sam scissored his fingers and then inserted a third, curling them a little and pressing upward and Dean made that exact same sound, he whimpered. Sam could listen to that all day. He twisted his wrist a little and took a moment to enjoy the shock on Dean ' s face.

" I looked it up, " Sam said.

" Oh, shit, " Dean said, eyes wide before he squeezed them shut again and let his head tip back.

" That ' s not a word I ' d use right now, " Sam said with more glee than he ' d intended.

" I hate you, Sam, " Dean said, but his voice was shallow and strengthless around the words.
" Guess that means you don ' t wanna try this on me, then, " Sam said.

Dean gripped the covers in convulsive hands and tensed, and Sam stilled his fingers and gripped the base of Dean ' s cock hard enough to startle him into a choked gasp.

" Not yet, " Sam said. " Like the idea that much? "

" Quit fucking with me and just fuck me, " Dean growled.

" No, that ' s what happened last time, " Sam said. " You ' re gonna like this a lot more. " He let go of Dean with both hands and flipped him over, because Dean liked to pretend he didn ' t want to be handled but Sam knew better.

" What the - "

Sam tugged Dean partway up onto his knees, bracing his own knees on either side of Dean ' s and sliding in close, hands bracing Dean up by the insides of his thighs. Dean propped himself on his elbows again and gripped the sheets, starting to twist, but Sam leaned in over him and held him in place, scraping his teeth along Dean ' s back.

" You want me to stop, " Sam said, low and rough, " you have to say so, not just take off. " He let go of Dean with one hand and lined himself up, trying to convince himself his hand wasn ' t shaking, pressing in just enough to give them both a moment to get used to it. Dean was panting but not struggling or saying anything, and Sam almost found that more disturbing. He slid in further, slowly, waiting for one particular thing because he sure as hell wasn ' t going to ask for a head ' s up. He was rewarded almost immediately when Dean huffed and leaned back into him. Sam took the opportunity to spread one hand flat against Dean ' s abs just above his dick and used it to brace himself when he began to move in just that one spot . It was going to kill his back, but oh, it was worth it.

" Sam Jesus Christ, " Dean said, rearing up, shoving back and letting go of the sheets with one hand. Sam caught the intention and moved with him, backing off and catching the hand that was reaching.

" No way, " Sam said breathlessly, pinning the hand back against the bed and taking his other hand off the inside of Dean ' s thigh to splay it against his abdomen instead, keeping him bent over. " You ' re gonna come just like this. "

Dean groaned, trailing off into a growl. " Sam, goddamnit . "

Sam wanted to get all the way in and lose it but driving Dean nuts was more important. " We got all day, " he said against Dean ' s spine. " Unless you want me to look something else up. "

" Gonna kill you, Sam, " Dean said, voice choked with what Sam wished was emotion.

" You ' ll get your chance, " Sam whispered, thrusting slow, keeping Dean right there on the edge. When his lower back cramped and Dean made another attempt at reaching for his own cock while threatening Sam with something that violated the laws of physics, Sam leaned all the way back onto his haunches, pulling Dean with him until he was forced to spread his knees on either side of Sam ' s. He wrapped both arms around Dean, listening to him gasp as he settled with Sam as deep in as he could get. Sam nibbled the back of Dean ' s neck and along one shoulder before shifting and tucking his chin into the crook of Dean ' s neck, resting his head alongside Dean ' s. He wrapped one hand around Dean ' s cock and jerked his hips upward, and Dean ' s head fell back against his shoulder.

Dean ' s hands dropped back and settled on Sam ' s hips without pressure, just a light brushing of fingers against skin.

They didn ' t last long that way, with Sam moving hand and hips just enough to keep them both on the edge. Dean broke first in a silent, bone-jarring shudder, coming over Sam ' s hand and gripping him inside so hard that Sam gritted his teeth and dug the fingers of his other hand into Dean ' s hip hard enough to bruise. He slammed up into Dean with three short, desperate motions and came, still pumping Dean through the aftershocks with one hand.

Dean said something, something soft and real and possibly once-in-a-lifetime, something possibly even better than that broken little whimper Sam had begun craving, but he missed it. He'd wonder later what it'd been and decide what it should have been and enjoy it.

There was nothing else to hear for almost a minute but their breath, short and sharp, and Sam finally tipped them over sideways. Grateful to stretch his legs out, Sam hung his head over the side of the bed with Dean and caught his breath.

He wasn ' t sure which one of them started laughing first. It didn ' t matter.

" You ' re supposed to tell me how great that was, " Sam said.

" You need more practice, " Dean said, and Sam started laughing out loud. " Not bad for such a goddamn virgin, though. "

" You offering? " Sam said.

Dean snorted.

" It ' s not about fucking you, " Sam said, falling serious. " And it ' s not some guilt thing for what I did to you before. It ' s just that I want everything. And I can get in a lot further this way than any other. So, just think of it as getting off and don ' t worry about it. "

Dean closed his eyes unseen. " So, now I bet you think you can be anything, " he said after a moment. " That ' s cute. What are you gonna do now, turn into a bird and scout for danger? Be a dog and sniff out creatures? Don ' t start screwing around with this shit, Sam. "

Sam shrugged. It didn ' t hurt to think about it.

He was open to a lot of possibilities, lately.


Three weeks later, while chasing a strix in South Dakota, Dean began wishing hard that they had a way to keep track of the damn thing and sneak up on it fast enough to kill it after it had taken off and left them behind for the fourth time. The incredibly huge bird that swept past him close enough to ruffle his hair and brush his shoulder with the tip of one wing was the color of Sam ' s hair. He watched that bird bring the strix down in midair and tear the head off it, leaving a body to spiral to the ground.

When it landed on his shoulder, Dean could see it had blue eyes.

When he wished desperately for Sam, Sam was what he got still sitting on his shoulder and they tumbled hard to the ground.

Dean spent a lot of time after that wishing for Sam.

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