Two months later


Tony kept sketching the scene from a slight distance, waiting for Gibbs to come back with coffee. He was still thinking Pit Bull or Rottie for the dead Marine’s wounds, but it made no sense for a dog that was angry enough to tear a guy’s throat out to just stop there. There should have been defense wounds on his hands and arms. The vic was also lying out in the open in Meridian Hill Park like he’d been tossed there, and the last he knew, dogs didn’t kill at one location and then dump the corpse elsewhere. Not the uneaten portion, anyway.


DiNozzo heard the moniker long before he saw who was hurtling toward him, and he turned with a decidedly hopeful look on his face that he tried unsuccessfully to hide.

Dean Winchester came within inches of him, looking wide-eyed excited and almost…happy.

“Well,” DiNozzo said. “You’re still alive, huh?”

“You always this observant?” Dean said.

“When I’m awake,” DiNozzo said. “Where’s Sam?”

“Nearby,” Dean said. “Where’s super-special secret agent Leroy Jethro Bodine Tull?”

“Shut your mouth, or I’ll put you back in a room with him,” Tony said. “Plenty of charges we can still help you catch up on.”

“Does the Navy still hang people from yardarms?” Dean said.

Tony laughed. Another movie quote. “Depends on what you mean by ‘yardarm’.”


“You’re under arrest, fugitive,” Tony said.

Dean snorted. “Fuck you. We’re working the same case, and me and Sam were here first.”

“Twice on Sunday,” Tony shot back. “I got a badge that says case is mine. What’ve you got?”

Seven badges, and jurisdiction, douchebag,” Dean said. “This guy died by vampire.”

Get out,” Tony said with an exasperated groan. “C’mon, bullshit.”

“Better have Ducky look,” Dean said smugly. “He’ll tell you what’s what. And then I am all over this, and you better just go back to your knitting lessons, gramma.”

“There’s no such thing as - ”

Tony paused as a hand came in contact with the back of his head.

“You better have something I can use,” Gibbs said to Dean.

“Your killer’s got fangs,” Dean said. “Hard to ignore that. You go ahead and have every test thrown at that guy, and the DNA on his neck is gonna be buckets ‘o crazy. Abby’ll tell you.”

“I’ll wait until Abby gets it.” Gibbs said. “You got any other reason to be standing around where I can bust your dumb ass?”

Dean stared at him for a long moment, long enough to be a challenge, before he backed away. “Nice to see you,” he said, tossing a mock salute.

Gibbs watched Dean walk away with an odd look on his face, then moved his eyes to Tony.

“Vampires,” Tony said in a terrible Bela Lugosi impression.

“Again?” Gibbs said.

Tony stared at him in amazement. “Boss?”

Gibbs shrugged. “Gets funnier every time I hear it.”