I lived in SW NY for a year, and by default northern Pennsylvania when I’d go wandering. The Amish do live that far north in PA (not just Lancaster and the bordering counties). I’ve messed with all kinds of details - it is fanfic, after all - but I tried not to stray too far from reality. Except for the part involving guys with wings and you know, 95% of the story. The moon really will be nearly full on April 30th; the churches named are real; and there is a route 666 out in the middle of nowhere - see the map - with not many large churches in the area. I apologize to anyone offended by the way I used the church. I’m also assuming that the boys are not capable of creating their own holy water like John did at the end of season I. Let’s pretend they never got the hang of it, don’t know how to do it, or it was just that John had been at it so damn long that he was practically holy, himself. The latter idea makes me happiest. Have you ever seen the boys do a ritual without a book? No. But John whips out a rosary and chants Latin and blesses a whole water tower or whatever. Sam fell out of practice (aw, our little lapsed hunter) and Dean doesn’t have the patience, he’d rather shoot something. So they have to gather holy water, meaning something can conveniently whomp them. Ah, plot device, I love you so.

The map: