On Livejournal, there was a very clever person who went by the name of dazedandhappy. This made-of-awesome person asked me where I thought the boys would be in 20 years. So now there’s a ‘verse that assumes the Month Of Open Doors happened but chapter 8 of If Belief Was Enough was rewritten; that Sam married Sarah Blake (from the S1 episode Provenance); that John is still alive; that Sam went on to become a successful lawyer; that Dean found his calling as a Forensic Anthropologist, and that they all have to find ways to juggle their professional and family lives with the occasional monster of the week.

Oh, and they’re surrounded with little girls. Sam has three that pwn their uncle Dean leik whoa.

Dean is divorced and has a little girl of his own that owns him and the rest of the universe by default.

The tales are all written out of order, but I’ve posted them in chronological order to make reading less confusing. For the moment. It's best to read Salvation first, as it was the first thing written and is a synopsis of the whole 'verse.

The whole point of the verse is this: no matter what happens, their future will be happy. Not trouble free, but happy.

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