Reaper Tipping with the Winchesters


"I think I see one," Dean said.

"It was just an administrator," Sam said. "I can see him, too, so it's not a reaper. Look, are you sure they all look like old guys in suits?"

"I've only seen one for myself," Dean said tersely. "I don't know if they have a dress code."

"It makes sense that they all look like they've been sitting in formaldehyde for a long time," Sam said, keeping a careful eye on the entrance doors to the ER. "Or that they all look like they're headed to a funeral director's convention. But why bother with a form that'll scare people? They must be able to change form."

"Why bother?" Dean said. "When you're gonna die, you're gonna die. It doesn't matter what you see on the way out, you're still going."

"Nice not to have to go screaming, though," Sam said.

"I didn't scream," Dean said, voice low but ringing with indignation. Maybe he'd sort of...complained a little, but that was all.

"Sure," Sam said. "Sure you didn't, Dean."

"Dude, you never even saw it," Dean said. "Just shut up. Look, that has to be one."

Sam looked where Dean was gesturing. "I can't see anybody, so it must be one. Now what?"

"Let's get it," Dean said, with the same tone most children would have used to say let's eat it.

"And do what with it!" Sam hissed. "I thought we were just gonna chase one off. Give somebody an extra five minutes."

"Wouldn't it be cool if it was the same one?" Dean said. "He'll be really pissed...I wonder if there are chick reapers. Gross. All wrinkly, and - "

"What you need to ask why you can see it at all," Sam whispered.

Dean paused. That was troublesome. He shouldn't have been able to.

"Yeah," Sam said, punctuating it by slapping Dean in the back of the head. He didn't put much into it. He was busy being concerned.

"Fuck," Dean whispered, then stuck a foot out to kick Sam in the shin. He didn't put much into it. He also was busy being concerned.

"We're already at the ER," Sam said. "How about an MRI or something?"

"Shit," Dean said, rubbing the back of his head. " ruin everything."

"It's your own fault, Elmer Fudd," Sam said. "'Be vewwy quiet, we're hunting - '"

"I'm still gonna get it," Dean said. "Say hi, kick him in the nuts, everything."

"I found one of the med cards we haven't used yet," Sam said. "Go check in."

"What are my complaints?" Dean said.

"Tell them you've lost control of most of your bodily functions," Sam said. "It's not that far from the truth."



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