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Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters are (c)forever Eric Kripke and Warner Bros., et. al. All I do is assemble words and make Dean curse a lot. Not mine; can't has a Winchester; woe. These are fan authored works and no profit is being made. Please do not archive these stories without permission.

Almost everything I write is gen, and if not...then it's well marked.
Assume a couple of things in my writing no matter what: 1) cursing and 2) Sam's childhood nickname was Bugbear.

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Month of open doors

The Month of Open Doors series has its own room, where it sulks and wears boots.

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The Salvation futureverse is out of control and can therefore be found on its own page hosted by Maygra, along with Maygra's brilliant tie-in Scrapbook series and a gorgeous layout.

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The Turn Of The Wheel

The Turn Of The Wheel series has been relegated here and asked to keep its hands to itself.

Immutable Law

Drama, pre series. Gen. Dean decides to get a tattoo but gets a lot more. 2542 words, PG

Immutable Law
Drama, horror, slash/het/incest/genderswap. Sam discovers exactly what lengths he’ll go to for Dean after he’s waylaid by an opportunistic entity.
So dark, the con of Sam. 17,217 words, NC-17
Part I-|-Part II-|-Part III-|-Part IV-|-Part V

Sequel to Immutable Law. Genderswap, slash, het, incest...you know the drill. 5,978 words, NC-17.

Please see here for the fantastic art dreamlittleyo created for this series.

The '90 Proof' Series

Eternally Needing Proof
Dean. Sam. Castiel. Cheetos. Crack. PG-13 for language.

Smite Your Bitch Up
The boys teach Castiel to swear. 2050 words; PG-13 for foul language, a drunken angel, and crack.

Air Strike
Castiel’s addiction to Cheetos has grown worse, and after drinking and cursing, there’s only one real thing left to teach an angel: bowling. 3400 words, PG-13 for innuendo, cursing, and various other moments of stupidity.


in the order they were written:

Angst/humor, and the first thing I wrote in this fandom.
'It stopped when Sam left for Stanford.' 1567 words, PG

Full Circle
Angst. Sam is the hub of the Winchester wheel. 352 words, PG

Angst. "You and dad have been hunting the wrong things."
Written about a month before the S1 episode 'Nightmare' aired. 2573 words, PG

When Siblings eAttack
Humor. The real reason Sam doesn't answer the phone when Dean calls him at school.
Circa 2002. 694 words, R for language.

Twenty Questions
Drabble written as part of a music fic meme. Very minor Wincest.
Song in question: Stupify by Disturbed. 339 words, PG

Darwin Looks Away
Drama. Dean's been bucking for a Darwin Award, and Sam doesn't want him to win. 2657 words, PG

By Agreement
Humor, drama. Dean still has insurance on the Impala. Sam still hates ducks. 1608 words, PG

Angst, horror. Post-Nightmare ficlet. Dean never took Sam seriously. 381 words, PG

Deo Volente
Drama. The reason Sam thought he needed to remind Dean how to say Christo during Phantom Traveler. 1637 words, PG

Chronicles of a Dark Steed
Humor. The Impala and a day with her boys. 1446 words, PG

Crossroads - the unlit path
Horror, angst. Sam was too late during the S1 ep Scarecrow . Deathfic . 2961 words, PG13. Brag!moment: sensue.net award. <3
      Coda: Dead Stretch
Crossroads - the well lit path
Humor, stupidity. The same tale, but on crack. 733 words, PG

Drama, horror. Alternate ending to 'Skin' where Dean returns to Becca's apartment to find Sam and the Impala gone. 2671 words, R for language and violence.

Reaper Tipping With The Winchesters
Humor. Ficlet written prior to season II. 'Be vewwy, vewwy quiet.' 451 words, PG

Humor. Teenaged Winchesters are the bane of civilians everywhere. 2016 words, PG

Crossing The Line
Drama, horror. Blood, bridges and brothers, over and over and -    13,997 words, PG

Propels Me
Drama, angst. Dean's choices own him, in a way. 2963 words, PG13

All But Risen
Drama, angst. Post-S1 finale. It's two days later and Sam lays down the line. 2002 words, PG13

Interstate Love Song
Humor. Ficlet commemorating the 50 yr anniversary of the US interstate system. 468 words, PG

Drama, angst, pre series. Sam leaves for Stanford. 4295 words, PG-13

Keeper's Post
Drama, horror, humor. Immovable object vs irresistable force isn't always a metaphor about the land and the sea. 15,155 words, PG-13
      Coda: Dirty Jobs

Expiration Date
Humor, horror. Dean knows all the best ways to lure ghouls. Naked. 2126 words, PG

The Only Light Anywhere
Horror, angst. Don't end up shoveling what's in the pumpkin, Dean. 1904 words, PG

Forty Bucks and Guns In The Morning
Horror, humor, pre series. They got off cheap, considering what was under the bed. 3439 words, PG

Many Windows
Gen. A small detour in Maygra's Second Sight series.

Loved and Put Aside
Gen, horror. Sometimes the little things are too much to handle. 3,688 words, PG-13 for language and content.

The Idea Of An Island
Gen, humor, no spoilers. Outside POV of the boys featuring Carrie The Awesome Barista. 2223 words, PG for language.

Lest Thou Be Consumed
Gen, humor, drama. Sam and Dean made it into the Bible.
“I think this den of iniquity is about to buy the farm in some big, unconventional way,” Dean said. 6,152 words, PG-13.

And My Flame Made A Pinnacle To Heaven
Gen, drama, horror. Three parts of a hunt that Dean is alone for, pre-series. 15,000 words, PG-13.
Part I -|- Part II -|- Part III

Results I Can See Today
Gen, humor. AU where there was no rift when Sam left for college. Happyfic. 3830 words, PG.

My Supernatural Smackdown
Gen, humor, crossover with Scrubs. No, really! Dean and Dr. Cox face off, and then the vampires show up. 5900 words, PG-13 for language.

Gen, drama. Sam and Dean deal with the aftermath of the events of Born Under A Bad Sign. 4543 words, PG-13 for language.

Gen, humor, drama. Sam's hurt on a hunt in a way that both alarms and amuses Dean. 9200 words, PG-13 for violence and Dean's filthy mouth.

Slippery People
Horror and humor. Halloween tale in which the boys are attacked by...well, you have to look. 5150 words, PG-13 for language.

This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
Humor. If you bother the cottontails or bullfrogs, you will be fined. 1670 words, blatant silliness, and PG-13 for language.

Holier Than Thou (Or: Why Evil Smells Like Pee)
Idiocy. Dean decides that drinking holy water will make Little Dean a weapon. 1050 words, unrateable. WinCon is to blame.

The Sincerest Form
Humor. In Hell, demons dress as Winchesters for Halloween to scare each other. As well they should. 1240 words, PG.

From Such A Duty
Drama. Leave the dead alone, and they'll leave you alone. Dean understands Grims a little too well. 6000 words, PG.

Along For The Ride
Drama. Dean at nineteen has what he believes are very solid ideas about the world and the order of things, and it never occurs to him that almost ten years later he’ll feel different enough to negate all of it. Gen, 10,700 words, PG-13.

Down By The Seaside
It's Dean's birthday, and Sam finds the Best Gift Ever. Gen, G.

Last Outpost Of All That Is
Apocalypse!fic. The boys struggle to deal with a world that's almost unrecognizable. Searching for what they need keeps bringing them face to face with each other. ~61,700 words, NC-17 for graphic Sam/Dean.
     Coda: Not For Samson In The Temple, adult, 3,444 words, written by      the inimitable Maygra.

I'll Have What He's Having
Sam/Dean, crack. Dean thinks it's hilarious to bait Sam. Sam thinks: not so much. Annoyance-fueled pr0n ensues. R, ~3000 words.

The Hardest Word
Sam/Dean. The boys stumble, but the real repercussions come from their regret. 8400 words, R for language and sexual situations.

Crack. Disney purchases the rights to Supernatural and airs it on Tuesday nights on ABC at 7:30. 675 words, G.

Specific Relativity
Angst, drama, cuddling. Notquiteright!Sam and superprotective!Dean hunt for the ‘special children’ gone bad when they’re not hunting demons with their father. Gen, 11,800 words, PG-13 for language.

In A Foreign Tongue
A what-if insert to Unspoken. Happens the same night the boys get back from decimating the maneating Tailypo family. Fluff. 6100 words, PG-13 for language.

Excelling Violet (The Miner's Lamp Remix)
A remix of the original by hansbekhart, for the kamikazeremix challenge.

To Whom It May Concern
Sometimes the Impala is the only place a Winchester can speak his mind. 2600 words, PG-13

The Gay That It Is (Or: The Gayest Gen Story Ever)
Inappropriate crack. Dean gets another ‘idea’, and the cliches run rampant. Flamingly rampant. PG-13 for boykissing.

The Flip Side of the Coin
Frickin’ angel has to be good for something, right? Dean, Castiel, and Sam. No pairing. Just schmoop interspersed with Dean-flavored suspicion. Takes place between 4.02 and 4.03. PG.

Two Kinds Of Light
Futurefic. Dean discovers that there’s light...and then there’s light. Gen, 4800 words, PG-13.

Curcurbita Maxima
Halloween tale. The Great Pumpkin vs. the Winchesters. Gen, 7770 words, PG-13 for language and gore. There are no pumpkin ninjas.

The Simple Art of Graverobbing
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang crossover. 5100 words, R for language, and not entirely gen, because of the characters involved.

Volatile Compounds
Crossover with NCIS. The boys finally flash the wrong counterfeit badge while investigating murders on a Naval base. Gen, PG-13, ~18,000 words. Humor, angst, drama, violence, cursing and crack. Like usual.



The Infamous Yakfic Incident of 2006: yaks invaded SPN fandom beginning with an innocent(?) comment here . It spawned fic. crack!fic. Crack!yak!fic. The world was never the same.

ignipes wrote Animal Lovers . (PG-13)
I wrote Yaks Anonymous . (R)
drvsilla wrote Of Noble Pursuits (aka Silence of the Yaks) (R)
angstslashhope wrote Were-Yak (PG-13)
geminigrl11 wrote When The Moon Is In The Seventh House . (PG)
angstslashhope came back for more and wrote Rent(a)Yak . (PG) Dean in knee socks and Sam in horns. Life just gets better and better.

The rest of it


My Last Straw
Angst, smut and humor relating to the 'My Cake' ep. JD/Cox, 10,500 words, NC-17.

My Worst Case Scenario
JD and Dr. Cox hate conferences, anyway. Violence, language, hostage situation involving guns. 12,500 words, R for language.

My Follow Up
Sequel to My Worst Case Scenario. 5900 words, PG-13 for language.


Iron Man/Avengers (comic and movie!verse)

Thursdays are hard for the Avengers. ~25,000 words, R for dark themes, language, and not-quite graphic m/m con and noncon.

Running The Risk
Sometimes Tony is popular in all the worst ways, and the Avengers keep discovering that being his friend can be terrifying. 7500 words, PG-13 for language.

Ficlet. 317 words, G.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005 film)

50 Things
50 things Perry never wants to hear from Harry.

Culture Shock
There are a bunch of things about LA life that are foreign to a New Yorker…or maybe just to Harry. 2750 words, PG-13 for language.

The Simple Art Of Graverobbing
Crossover with Supernatural. Perry and Harry are hired to find out who's digging around LA. 5100 words, R for language.

Brains Are a Nuisance
Sequel to 'Graverobbing'. Harry rambles. Perry hits on the Winchesters. h/c occurs. Everybody says ‘fuck’ a lot. A lot. 10,400 words, PG-13 for language and brains.

Anytime Soon
Perry should never have made Harry go undercover, even if it was one of the easiest assignments ever.

You Should See The Other Guy
Sequel to 'Anytime Soon' that looks at how the relationships develop over time. 5k words, R for language.

Film At Eleven Mayhem (Love As) - pending, sequel to 'Anytime Soon' and 'Other Guy'.
They had, after all, shared a bullet.


Sherlock Holmes (2009 film)

An Unfinished Season (pending)
Holmes told Blackwood he hoped it was all superstition, because he’d followed the spells to the letter.


Dead Like Me (pending)