When Siblings e-Attack

(c)2006 gekizetsu


SamIAm has returned from Away
SamIAm's AIM warning level: 0%

Imp67: hey wow is this ~sam~?

SamIAm: yeah?

Imp67: i heard you could maybe help me with a paper thats coming up

SamIAm: Who is this?

Imp67: im in one of your classez

SamIAm: Which one?

Imp67: the one where the really hot professor is teaching, u know

SamIAm: I need a little more than that...

Imp67: the one about law and stuff

SamIAm: Okay, which frat boy is this? Because I'm not interested in wasting my time while you guys screw around

Imp67: no, i'm one of the girls who always sits in the second row and we stare at you a lot

Imp67: u r sooooo hot sam

SamIAm: Okay, well...thanks, I guess? Look, I really can't spare any time to help anyone right now, sorry

Imp67: is this sam

Imp67: sam winchester who is soooooo hot

SamIAm: Whoever this is, I'm really busy right now. If you have something to say...

Imp67: i heard you can suck whole watermelons through a garden hose


Imp67: And you're so badass when you're at a loss for words, Sammy


Imp67: It takes you so long every time, Sammy

SamIAm: You ass, what the hell are you doing?

Imp67: I'm IM'ing you, moron.

SamIAm: Is everything okay?

Imp67: Um, yeah, I'm gonna fuck around with you for 10 minutes when there's an emergency

SamIAm: Actually, yeah

Imp67: Okay, yeah, I would

SamIAm: What is this, your 80th screen name?

Imp67: You blocked all the others

SamIAm: I wonder why

Imp67: brat

SamIAm: Lameass

Imp67: drama queen

SamIAm: Asshole

Imp67: dick

SamIAm: Freudian?

Imp67: ...what?

SamIAm: I say asshole, so you say dick automatically like you think they go together

Imp67: ....

Imp67: ..................

Imp67: Are you taking psych classes again? Because I fucking hate it when you try and call me gay

SamIAm: I didn't. Does that automatically pop into your head for a reason, Dean?

Imp67: Just shut up. Speaking of popping heads, that's what I'll do the next time I see you.

SamIAm: How is dad?

Imp67: Oh, now you're *polite*. Aw, wittle small talk.

SamIAm: Okay, whatever Dean. I have to go back to studying

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

SamIAm: Go away, Dean.

Imp67: Bitch

SamIAm: Jerk

Imp67: Assmuncher

SamIAm: Reprobate

Imp67: Incorrigible

SamIAm: Schizoid

Imp67: Quando podeces te regi eorum fecerunt?

SamIAm: Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant

Imp67: Aw, you remember!

SamIAm: This is really fun, but I seriously have to go

SamIAm's warning level: 80%

Imp67: Dude, don't raise the warning level! I love this screen name

SamIAm: Yeah, one of these days you're actually gonna attempt a conversation like decent, polite people do. Jackass

Imp67: What for?

Imp67: Dude, this is how you act when I'm a good guy and check in?

SamIAm: 'Dude', because THIS is how you choose to check in.

Imp67: whatever

SamIAm: Whatever

Imp67: whatevr

SamIAm: Learn to type

Imp67: Typo demon. Not my fault COLLEGE BOY WHO TYPES PERFECTLY

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: Sam

Imp67: SAMMY



Imp67: Come on, Sam

SamIAm: Goodnight, Dean

SamIAm: Be careful...whatever it is you're doing.

SamIAm: As in, more than usual. Stay safe.

SamIAm: Dean?

Imp67: Yeah, don't worry, Sammy. I still have like 8 ½ lives.

SamIAm: night

Imp67: Goodnight....bugbear


Imp67: HAHA BUGBEAR, I'm going to mass-email Stanford with your nickname, and

SamIAm's warning level: 100%
SamIAm is Away
SamIAm's Away Message: I'll be back soon. If this is in regards to 11283, pls keep me posted.

Imp67: Ass.

Imp67: I really miss you, Sam

Imp67: Oh, shit, did that go through? There's no 'recall' on this fucking thing, is there

Imp67: no, I guess not

Imp67: It's not like you'll see it anyway, it's bouncing

Imp67: You'd be so pissed off if you knew I was right across the street

Imp67: You got even taller, that's not fair

Imp67: I'm talking to myself and I'm not even drunk

Imp67: Goodnight, Sammy

Imp67 has signed off


Note: the Latin loosely translates to "when did the assholes make you their king?" and "may barbarians invade your personal space".


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