The Great Escape - Epilogue

Jonathan knocked on the door and took a step backwards.

"Stanley, we've come to make you an offer you can't refuse," Neal stage-whispered to Stacy in his best "Godfather" impression.

Stacy laughed as Jon turned and shot both of them his best fatherly-discipline look. The door opened before he could say anything.

'Mr. Kalinovich?" Jon began. "My name is Jonathan Cain, and..."

"I saw y'all on the news," the little old man interrupted. "You were the ones who turned in that hitman."

"Yes sir, that was us." Jon continued. "You may have heard mention that we had to hide out from him in a cabin while he was chasing us. Well, it was your cabin, and we've come to make restitution for anything we may have used or damaged."

"Restitution? Hell, it was my pleasure. It'll give me something to brag about for a long time. Come on in. I was just watching on the news, they broke in that the feller y'all helped catch has done hung himself in jail. Had y'all heard about that?" He stepped back, holding the door open so that they could come inside.

Jon was saying something to Mr. Kalinovich.

Neal turned to Stacy. "Bingo," he whispered.