Shorter chapters! Action! Humor! Mayhem! Exotic pets! Madness! Sex in hotel rooms!

Well, this obviously wasn't over, so here's book 5. The old muses are back, but there's a new one in tow, and he's kind of scary. The whole book is rated R for violence, language, and sexual situations, and the violence is less creature-related this time. So watch out. Chapters are titled this time so that I can find things later on, since this whole tale has become much larger than I imagined and even I get lost. It won't be nearly as long as book 4, because this time it might be nice to get the business done even though the characters will be verrrrrry tired by the end.

And yes I know how it ends.

And no you're not finding out until you read it.

The book is titled 'echoes' because of the unfinished business from the last book, and because of the poem I ran across, quoted at the top of the prologue. This isn't a relationship tale, but there are some weird dynamics here, and it's dumb to ignore them. So there. KTHNX.