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RATINGS: I'm mostly going by the American film rating system here, since it's in my face most of the time.

G: General audiences. Kid friendly stuff.

PG: Parental guidance suggested; mild language and the occasional innuendo

R: Strong language, most likely violence and/or sexual situations. No one under 17 (although I'm pretty sure you can handle it. Heh.).

NC-17: All of the above, + adult themes including graphic erotica. On this site, that generally means Steve and Neal are boffing each other in a cave. A CAVE.

L: Language. By that, I usually mean cursing. And plenty of it.

V: Violence. This ranges from bitch-slapping to shooting to being decimated by a bus.

SS: Sexual situations. This includes serious kissing and naughty discussions right on up to Steve's ankles on Neal's shoulders other stuff including birds and bees.