The Mundane

Name: Elizabeth Iwa Welkin, Ellie for short. 'Elizabeth' has English, Hebrew and Biblical roots; from Elisabet, the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheba meaning "God is my oath". The 'oath' portion fits her, as she tends to be very loyal to those she considers friends. I went with Ellie in honor of the main character from Carl Sagan's 'Contact'. 'Welkin' translates from the Old English as 'sky'; her middle name, 'Iwa', pronounced 'ee-whan', is short for the Lakhota Sioux phrase ' Toiwa Kob', or 'blue above'.

Character Position: In the past: Night Captain of the Tower Guard. Currently, in civilian form, she's in 6th form at St. Christopher's Private Girl's School. In the future: Angel of the Sky, again, always.

Birthdate and Age: August 8th at 2:42 am; this makes her a Leo/fire sign (passionate, loyal, stubborn, hardworking), with a moon in Virgo (logical, responsible, plans ahead), and a Gemini Ascendant (curious and alert). She's 17 when the story begins.[cue the music]


Ghost stories and urban legends for the thrill factor; playing obnoxious pranks on friends and foes alike to keep people on their toes (but not in a cruel sense); mashed potatoes because you can do just about anything with them and they still taste fine. She likes the smell and taste of Jasmine blossom green tea, and if she had to live on that and mashed potatoes she probably could.


Explaining things that should be obvious to anyone. If you're not displaying common sense, she's likely to avoid you. And repeating herself; if she has to, and there's no good reason except that you're not paying attention, she'll be annoyed. And strong perfume makes her want to scream, which she would do if it didn't give her a headache to begin with. Screaming would just make things worse.


Stargazing, meteorology, and photography. She's a dedicated backyard astronomer, and if it's a clear night of any kind, chances are she's on a roof or in the middle of some field enjoying it. It's a peaceful, introspective type of hobby as well as something that satisfies her scientific curiosity. She feels much the same about meteorology; the weather amazes her, and the fact that meteorology is such an inexact science appeals to her because it requires art and intuition as well as cold hard facts in order to stay on top of things. She enjoys it for its gray areas. For bad or good, if it involves looking up, she's game for it.

She's generally got a camera with her; between the weather and the phases of the moon, there's always something she needs yet one more photo of. Her equipment isn't of the fancy or expensive kind, but she adds to it when she can and makes the best of what she has. Her attention isn't limited to the sky however, and she'll take it anywhere she can. Candid photos of friends take up space in her locker at school and countless photo albums. Concerts, trees with changing leaves, strange looking birds, the neighbor's garden, whatever strikes her eye. She's knowledgeable about her craft and everything she uses.


Basic: Standing all of 5'2", Ellie is slender but sturdily built; think more along the lines of athletic rather than willowy. She's height/weight proportionate with visible muscle tone. When she walks, it tends to be with a long stride that screams "I'm headed somewhere important!" even if she isn't. It doesn't look like she's in a hurry as much as it looks like she just knows exactly where she's going and why - the kind of walk that makes people feel comfortable to stop her and ask for directions, but NOT to harass her in any way. Her voice is a pleasant, lilting mid-alto that usually sounds as if she's about to tell you she's only kidding.

Hair/face: She has shoulder-length, silky golden blond hair with a very faint wave to it, and bangs that tend to brush her eyelashes, which are medium length. She generally keeps her hair pulled into a loose ponytail at the back of her neck, and it flies chronically loose at the slightest provocation. Her bright hair color offsets her large, black eyes and dusky skin, another set of contrasts among her many. She generally wears no makeup on her heart-shaped face, and makes jokes about her perpetual 'tan'.

Dress: She tends to dress conservatively and isn't partial to dresses or skirts, save for her school uniform. She would rather wear something loose and comfortable, but doesn't care for sloppiness, so her clothes are generally in good order and form fitting but not tight. Knits and cottons, mostly, in pastel colors.


Ellie's mercurial, in a word - downright moody sometimes, and no telling when she'll switch from one thing to the next. No particular trigger is necessary, but she falls well short of bipolar. She frowns when she's thinking, and she's usually thinking. So she may look unapproachable on occasion, but anyone brave enough will figure out it had nothing to do with her mood. She still somehow manages to be even-tempered, and doesn't take things out on other people. 'Group behavior' annoys her: 'individuals are smart, people are stupid', she says. She doesn't think herself superior in any way; it's just that 'going with the flow' is not her way.

If she's asked correctly, she'll do almost anything for almost anyone. If you're polite, and careful, and don't set her bullshit radar off, she'll help you wash your car, paint your house or kidnap a movie star. If you've gotten into trouble of some sort and it didn't result from blatant stupidity on your part or cruelty to someone else, she'll do whatever she can for long as you're willing to work hard at fixing it as well. If you got yourself into it because it's what you deserved, well, enjoy yourself and go find another sucker. She hates to see someone in a bad position through no action of their own - sometimes rotten things happen to good people for no reason. It's just not fair, the way she sees it. And telling her life isn't fair will get you nothing more than an eye-roll.

Ellie talks to herself when she's alone; not in the third person or anything as odd as that, but she'll think aloud through homework, or a puzzle, or something she's forgotten. She'll chide herself if she's been absentminded. She tries to be thoughtful of the feelings of others, and knows she needs to practice a little more tact; but she won't always recognize frustration in others if they don't show it well. So people may think she's being insensitive or ignoring them, and all the while she's just absentmindedly wondering why the caterpillar on the window is going the long way t get to a side. Since she's pretty on the surface with her own thoughts and feelings, folks who bury them and then expect to be understood tend to mystify her. It often takes a concerted effort to hide how she feels, so she saves that energy for special occasions.

If confronted, she won't run. If she's wrong, she'll say so and get it over with, but she still won't cringe or back down. She'll admit it, and wait for the other person to back off. If she's right, she'll be in everyone's face until they admit it. And never...never...never be dumb enough to use physical intimidation on her for any reason. That means pointing a finger in her face, or using height to impose on her space, or getting in her personal space uninvited with the intent to coerce her into something. This is the one thing she'll lose her temper over, and the southern American term 'losing your religion' applies here. She can deal out a lot of noise and motion when riled, and may actually climb people as if they were trees. She may even growl. Most people back off at this point, since the quiet little blond was polite one moment and incendiary the next. She's easily the type who'd be willing to make a sacrifice for the Greater Good.

She has a strong personality, not quite aggressive or demanding, just firm about what she thinks and does. She's not shy about stating her opinions, and she does so in a respectful manner (most of the time) but it still tends to earn her resentment. Most people like you to agree with them whether you like it or not, and don't always appreciate encountering someone (a female) who contradicts things or brings up an alternate view. Ah, human nature. If she's pissed, her estimation about a lot of things, including your ancestry and what you can do from here on, are pretty sharp. People always know how they stand with her, because if she'll say it behind your back, she'll say it to your face. It's all in the way it's presented; she won't purposely embarrass, or use a bitchy tone of voice, or go on the attack when just stating what she thinks is fact, so it doesn't necessarily fall like a ton of bricks. She's generally matter of fact when stating what must, of course, be the obvious. And occasionally with a wicked grin. Keeping some people guessing is a must.

When she's excited, she talks faster and faster until no one can understand her anymore, and someone needs to grab her and slow her down. Her voice will also go up about an octave, so small animals might actually explode if something really amazing has happened. It needs to be pretty amazing, though, the polar opposite of what would piss her off.

She has the habit of thinking herself into a quandary; if given too much time to chew on something, she'll go on about it all day, week, month, or whatever, without getting to the point. There's always a better way, or one more try, or something. She's very good at reading between the lines, so if she thinks someone is trying to give her a subtle message, it might throw her completely off kilter while she tries to wrestle the meaning into submission. What if they meant this; or that; or the other thing, and what if they're trying to tell me something I'll need to know later? So she would be absolutely horrible working for a large corporation and dealing with middle management, and all the intrigue and politics. Unless she was in charge. Then, no problem.

She can also think herself into a depression, something rare but nonetheless possible. Sometimes she'll allow everything to weigh on her at once, and pull her down, and then she's useless to everyone as well as herself. Most often this occurs after she's messed something up, and she's busy beating herself to a pulp over it rather than trying to fix it. She thinks of herself as clumsy and prone to screwing up. It's not a matter of self esteem or confidence. She hates to screw up, and tends to make more of it than it deserves. The road to hell really is paved with good intentions.

When it's something she's got a handle on, she likes to slam head-on into it and get it done. If she can find the slightest foothold, in a project or practical joke or the problems of a friend, she'll just tackle it and won't let much dissuade her from finishing it. She'll goof with it until things are great, or until she really breaks it, in which case, 33% of the time, see the previous paragraph.

The best way to tell what she's up to next is to check the eyes for a sparkle, and the corners of her mouth for either a slight upward quirk or a slight downturn. Otherwise, just look out. It's either going to be a hell of a lot of fun, or time to get under the nearest piece of furniture. Nothing's ever boring with this girl.


Ellie was born in Suffolk to Welsh and Native American parents, and currently resides with them in a two story flat in a suburb of London.

She was slightly early, roughly two weeks, and there were no complications from it. There was a bit of renovation happening in the hospital at the time, and the maternity ward had been moved to the very top floor. Ellie is an only child, but hasn't been spoiled. She's had a great deal of freedom to come and go as she pleases and make her own choices and mistakes, as her relationship with her parents is based on trust. Her parents are loving and supportive, and trust her (at 17) to use her common sense. Her mother is pleased that Ellie takes time to research her ancestors on both sides of her lineage.

Her mother, Brenna, is mostly Lakhota Sioux, (her Lakhota name is Saglohan Kangi, 'Eight Crows.') but her grandmother was English, introducing the recessive gene that allowed Ellie her blond hair. She's an art teacher in London. She was born on a reservation in the US, and moved to London to attend college, where she met Ellie's father Thomas. Thomas is Welsh, and a stocks analyst for a large London brokerage.

Ellie was unable to say 'Elizabeth' when she first learned to talk, and corrupted it into 'Ellie'. Her mother began calling her 'Tatapesah' (upsetting wind) as soon as she could walk, as the toddler would go through the house with a vengeance as if she was looking for something. She would crawl up on anything and knock it over without worrying about the bumps and bruises. She liked to look out windows, or be outside whenever possible, and her mother designed a mural on her bedroom walls and ceilings complete with stars, clouds, and birds to keep her busy at bedtime.

She met her best friend Jesse on the playground at age 6, when she pounded the daylights out of an older boy that was putting sand down his shorts. She's never let Jesse forget it, but they bonded almost immediately and have been terrorizing the world together ever since. There's nothing romantic going on; they regard each other as some form of sibling/friend/whatever. Ellie still has her head too far into the clouds to take dating seriously, anyway.

School has always been easy so long as it hasn't gotten in her way; she's managed to avoid trouble despite her smart mouth and penchant for playing tricks on teachers. She's been serious about keeping her grades up, because she definitely has plans: she wants to work in an observatory after graduation from St. Christopher's, hopefully an internship while she attends University for a degree in Astrophysics. She has the science and math grades to do it, so long as she's able to pay attention.

Habits: Hanging around the coffee shop that Jess works in, sometimes to do her homework while waiting for Jess to be off for the evening; hanging around after school with Laine while she runs track; and on her roof, or any roof, checking out the sky. She spends plenty of time outside by herself, in a variety of places, taking pics of things or looking for a quiet place to read. Plenty of time...outside...after herself. Muwahahaha...

Monster Bait: Ellie's best friends, Jess and Laine. Anyone on the track team, anyone in the coffee shop Jess works in, anyone out wandering around by themselves jogging or whatever after dark while she just happens to be on some roof or hilltop.