The Angelic

Special Skills:

Assess: - She's good at assessing situations and looking at the bigger picture...and taking care of things before they become raging fires that need stomping out. She'll decide what to do and act immediately. It gives her a natural leadership capability.

Heights: Saha is an excellent flier, and is able to reach heights that would spook most; she uses this to her advantage to get other flying critters off her back, or to check a battle from above.

Sight: She's also able to see quite a distance at a time; depending on the weather, she'll be able to see any speck of movement for miles around. This includes excellent spatial acuity.

Wings: Are the standard, plain old white, of typical size, but with unevenly black tips, like an unfinished paint job - or as if she's brushed up against something she shouldn't have. They're strong enough to support her in headlong dives, upside down, or any other configuration.


Ring of Revelation - To begin, she stands with feet together, arms out from her body and palms raised to the sky. Her halo glows as a ring of blue light expands and descends from it, rotating counterclockwise. She crosses her hands in front of herself, standing much as she does at the end of her transformation, wings curled in as the ring travels downward. As it reaches her feet, her hands slash downward and away from her body, sending the ring expanding away from her in all directions, finishing with her arms outstretched at her sides and palms toward the ground.

This attack reveals anyone who may be hiding within range of sight or hearing, and stuns them into immobilization. If they're hiding, they'll 'light up' with a faint blue glow that she'll be able to see no matter where they are. Those who have been able to speak of it afterward say they had a glimpse of a 'distance' too great to define. It doesn't work on other Senshi, but Sahaqiel must consider who's around her before sending this attack, as it radiates out in all directions like a ripple in a pond (just as light or radio waves spread out in space) and innocent bystanders may be affected. It cannot be blocked, but it only lasts for about three minutes or less, depending on whether Sahaqiel's already been engaged in something physically demanding. She can use it twice a henshin; after that it's nothing more than a hula hoop she can't shake off. It also makes a faint sound when deployed: the same noise you get when running a fingertip around the rim of a wet drinking glass.


Sahaqiel's primary color is the midnight blue of a twilight sky. Once she's able to fully henshin in this incarnation (the first few times will likely just manifest a halo and one wingset), it'll look something like this:
The top is short, form fitting, and midriff-baring, of a dark blue, and ends just beneath her breasts in a point. It leaves her neck bare but not her shoulders; the neckline is a square shape. The top has a recessed, embossed, lighter blue diamond shape cut into the center. The whole of it has a subtle, dark and shiny cast to it, a deep blue shine as if of metal, like a soldier's breastplate. Long, form fitting light blue sleeves descend from it and cover the back of her hand, and a flowy, rippled midnight blue translucent sleeve extends over it and bells out slightly. Her gloves are short, wrist length, and a uniform white. There's a dark blue translucent panel of silky fabric than connects her top with the skirt. The skirt itself begins as a very short lighter blue panel of cloth, a miniskirt just above mid-thigh length. Tied loosely across her right hip is a darker blue swath of material that slants over the right hip and trails behind at ankle length in a ripple (see this, which was a drunken precursor sketch). She has boots that come up above her knee into a point, and they're white with a blue diamond shape embossed on the top of the foot. The ends of her sleeves and edges of her skirt are tattered as if they've been whipped by the wind too many times to count.

Henshin: Crown, Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy, Strength, Beauty, Victory, Splendor, Foundation, Kingdom

Standing with her feet apart, the symbol that appears on her forehead (the astronomical symbol for a light year) begins to glow as she withdraws her Key to the Kingdom, (a silver-blue ring with the head and teeth of a small key protruding from either end of its radius), from the necklace she wears it on. She raises it to the sky, and it briefly focuses the light that streams down on her in a spiral. Her form becomes indistinct and shimmers; she turns once in the direction of the light-spiral, and as she completes the 360 her wings unfurl, still indistinct. The ring becomes her halo, cutting off the light from above, which finishes spiraling down her body to the ground and pools around her feet, revealing Sahaqiel in her voile. She stands with her feet braced at shoulder width, wrists crossed just below her chin, fingers outstretched and palms facing inward, the tips of her wings curling in to touch her fingers.