Khepri, the Egyptian God of the Scarab, associated with creation, the movement of the Sun, rebirth, and metamorphosis. Really, how could a Journey fan resist? If you don't get the reference…never mind. Khepri was the one of the class of Egyptian gods associated with a particular animal, in this case the sacred scarab. Ah, the scarab. It's a type of dung beetle common throughout Egypt, which rolls any dung it finds into charming little balls and rolls it from place to place all day, laying its eggs in it and gathering as much of it as possible. Now, we can all respect a critter that collects shit, can't we? Try coming up with powers based on THAT. Ew, just imagine, a box of Ex-Lax and some bad intentions. Anyway, Khepri was often associated with the Sun and was conceived as a gigantic scarab rolling the Sun before him across the sky, a renewal/rebirth image. Khepri renewed the Sun each day before rolling it above the horizon and carried it safely through the other world after sunset to renew it the next day. He often took the appearance of the body of a man and a head composed of a beetle. That would be kind of ugly for the purpose of the RPG, but I suppose his enemies would run away. Had to settle for a scarab figure at the back of the head once he's transformed.