The other Kemets:
Geb Ciano: "Borderline Gemini? Borderline schizo! Of course, if you read this, I'm only kidding. Maybe."
Nun Ciano: "Count on someone with a senshi name like Nun to have a sister named Bambi."
Khnum Ciano: "Raaaafe. Punk ass. Love him. Platonically, of course."
Nut Ciano: "That girl makes me wanna be under the weather. If I was single. Which I'm not. I'm just saying. Sometimes I feel like a Nut."
Seth Ciano: "Seth is a guy's name. Of course she's tough, it's a guy's name."

Mun Name: Sky
Email: alturas@earthlink DOT net

Khepri, the smart-mouthed god himself.
Khepri, Geb and Khnum....mmmm.
Fan art welcome....anytime...SO WELCOME....