Sahaqiel, Angel of the Sky {angels never came down}
Ellie is the only truly good girl in my stable. But she is corruptible. Lords Of Hell, take note.
Aldebaran, Astronomia Senshi of Pursuit {sailor myth:roanoke}
Rian's a loose cannon in orange. With a key.
Tisiphone, Romanus Senshi of Vengeance {sailor myth:roanoke} Theresa is a member of the deadly Romanus Girls. Ph33r their secret handshake.
Khepri, Kemet Senshi of the Scarab {sailor myth:rome}
Ciano will flirt, tease and annoy his way through the Italian countryside. If he can stay awake.
Kokabel, Grigori Senshi of Constellations {sailor myth:roanoke}
Ai only transforms so she can do whatever she likes to the mundanes without getting ID'd later.
Arianhrod, Welsh Senshi of the Moon {sailor myth:england}
Jenifer knows how to keep a jerboa happy.
Hanged Man, Soldier of the Path {mystics of tarot}
Dani digs up the neighbors' dead pets.
Kobal, Lord of Dark Humour {angels never came down}
No neighborhood is complete without a Fallen psychologist. With pigeons.

AIM: gekizetsu