Pics of Ellie and Sahaqiel:
[The new Saha!] by Gabi
[St C's girls] by Gabi
[Ellie posing] by me
[The death of a Tower Captain] by me
[The original Saha] by Rami
[Ultimate!Sky] by Tanya
[The original HW!Sahaqiel] by me
[A lovely HW!Sahaqiel] by Claire
[One of Saha's first pics] by grand4t
[Ellie as Skywise from Elfquest] by Tanya
[A sketch of everyday Ellie] by Addie
[Ascended Sahaqiel] by me
[HW! Squares: Sahaqiel] by Relia
[Saha in auntie mode with little!Duriel <3]by Gabi

NPC pics:
[HW Pesagniyah] by Gabi
[HW Aiel] by Gabi
[HW Narcoriel] by Gabi
[Vennibeth and Sahaqiel] by me
[Aiel and Pesagniyah] by me
[Mefathiel] by me
[Alimiel] by me
[Vennibeth] by me

Family trees: because goddamnit what a lot of chars.

Pics of others! by me:
[A weester Eden]
[Aralim (Rahab and Leliel's HW! girl)]
[Lahatiel, the Flame]
[A napping Gabriel]
[HW Teiaiel and Elisha]
[The PC Malakim girls: Midael, Sahaqiel, Zeruel and Cadmiel]


More info on Saha and everyone can be found at the ANCD Wiki.