Khepri, Ka Senshi of the Scarab
Khepri is bare to the waist. Around his hips is a light cloth wrap that reaches below his knees, heliotrope in color, that's fixed in place with an amethyst. It's got a scarab emblem near the bottom center. He has sun-gold wrist braces that reach most of the way up his forearms, and open-toed sandals of the same color. There's a gold and purple chest brace that drapes across his shoulders and chest, made of gemstones (a pretty flashy setup). The final touch on the outfit is a head mantle that sits just behind his head and flares out from the sides, looking like a scarab's upward-stretched wings that touch at the tips. The scarab is holding a round yellow gem that represents the Sun. The wings are multi-colored, gem-hued, and transparent. The whole thing extends roughly six inches out from each side of his head, and eight inches above. (See the lame-ass sketch on the pics & links page.)

'Khepri Ka Power, Awake!'

Silver begins with his hands together in front of his face and his feet apart, an aggressive but prayer-like stance, and as he slowly brings his hands apart, a light that looks like a miniature sun forms, and the effect looks like a miniature sunrise
. It grows wings, the multicolored wings of a scarab, and the light obscures him for a moment. Then it rises into the air and settles behind his head, becoming his mantle and winking out, revealing him in the form of Khepri.

De-transforming causes him to fall asleep, so he'll choose to do it somewhere safe and unseen. When he de-transforms, it looks like a miniature sunset
, the light moving back to his hands and fading away. The whole process is visible in reverse instead of his outfit just melting away.



Khepri is able to call up a cloud of large, iridescent scarabs by raising a hand in the air and shouting 'arrival', then pointing in the direction he wants them to go. None are real, but it's a terrific diversion. They make a scratchy, humming sound that lends credibility and intimidation to the illusion, and they fly in a huge, swirling pattern around and between people and objects, generally obscuring everything. It's a beautiful sight, but bugs are bugs, and most (not all) girl-senshi will scream. Only able to be cast once per fight, mainly because an illusion is only going to work once, unless the enemy is REALLY dumb. He controls the illusion by moving one hand. It's just like those really annoying java script cursor effects where a small cloud of something will follow your mouse everywhere you point it. If he doesn't direct them, they'll flutter in midair and become pretty unbelievable.

A giant pile of shit falls from the sky, rolls into a ball, and engulfs the enemy.

No, just kidding! He'd win every time, wouldn't he? Actually, he forms another sphere of light between his hands as if he were transforming again, but this one grows and continues growing until he releases it - anywhere from the size of a basketball to the size of a car. Then he pushes it toward the enemy as if pushing the Sun across the sky, and when/if it strikes an object or person, it bursts, and the person or object will glow for a moment and change. Now, the amount of changing depends on the size of the light-sphere when it hits. The smaller it is, the less change. How the target changes depends on who/what it is. Living beings will generally change in non-harmful ways their appearance may change, they may change their minds about something. An opposing senshi may change sides. An object, though, will be more dramatic. It may take the shape of another object, or transform into another material. An enemies' weapon may turn to water in their hands, a coffee cup might become a sword. What someone or something becomes depends entirely on what's already inherent in that someone or something; an idea, a hope, a former form, etc. Total effect is completely random, unpredictable, and shortlived. Two minutes, tops, and then the person or thing will revert back to their previous form/mindset/appearance. He may cast this multiple times, but it wears him out in proportion to the size of the sphere he creates. So, only one very large attempt per battle and/or a lot of little ones.

How's that fit the power sphere? Well, see below. The Egyptians thought Khepri was a giant scarab that rolled the Sun across the sky like a big dung ball. They knew more scarabs 'magically' appeared from the dung ball, not realizing that the bugs were laying their eggs in there. So, they believed the scarab was able to create something from nothing and transform dung into more scarabs.

Beginning End
Khepri will make eye contact and say, "It's all the same." This will cause someone to finish what they're doing before they're ready to and start something else. If an opposing senshi is readying an attack that requires a phrase, they'll go straight to the last word and skip the middle, which may cause the attack to misfire in some cases. People will skip to the last step of things, or stop doing something altogether, and begin something else another task or phrase. An opposing senshi may end up combining attack phrases, or try to do two things at once, which will create some really stupid sounding phrases and poses and will generally make the other person look dumb. Their teammates may laugh, and even point. This is mostly annoying, and will rarely if ever cause actual harm. Somewhere down the line, it may cause someone to actually combine attacks (if it works at all), which could be dangerous. To someone. Maybe. He can do this as often as he wants, until he gets bored or gets ganged up on. He'll usually heckle the target while he's doing it, getting them mad enough to screw things up without his help. Fits the power sphere because again, the scarab was a critter associated with renewal, rebirth, and 'beginning again'.

Guardian: None. Now aren't you relieved? I mean, what, a bug? One accidental application of Raid, and poof, no guardian. Couldn't do it.