Name: Sheridan Sverre, Dani to friends and family
Sheridan= 'searcher', Sverre= Norwegian for 'swinging'.
Age: 19
Birthday: March 23rd
Zodiac: Aries, Capricorn ascendant
5' 7"
Balloons - she'll use any excuse to have several around, especially mylars, which will last for weeks. They just make her feel cheerful. Quartz - she has things carved of quartz, and chunks of it all over the place, smoky and rose and clear. She thinks it's the most beautiful of all stones. Coffee - not from a can. It has to be whole bean and fresh ground and usually French roast. She loves the taste of it, and also loves a good caffeine buzz...something most college students value. Basketball - playing it and watching it.
Dislikes: Drunk people - they're no fun if you're not drunk, too. Melodramatics - people who weep and wave their arms around and blow everything out of proportion make her grit her teeth. Salty foods - the less salt, the better. It seems to burn her tongue.

Hobbies: Reading - mainly sci-fi, history, and autobiographies. Driving into the mountains and digging for rocks and various junk (and she brings most of it home since her dorm room won't hold it); people-watching, but not in a stalkerish way, just out of curiosity.

Appearance: A lanky, fine-boned and slender girl with a loose-jointed way of walking or standing, she carries herself as if she's never in a hurry and couldn't care less what others think. She has white blond hair cut short in the back but chin length on the sides and top, and she wears it brushed to the right and hanging over her right eye. She tucks a little behind her ear on the left. She has wide, long-lashed expressive green eyes, a rather pointed nose and chin, and a wide mouth with very straight teeth. Her neck is long and slender, her shoulders are incapable of slouching, her legs are long...and her feet are fairly large. Well, for her size, anyway. They don't bother her and she doesn't try to hide them. She prefers boyish clothes - pants and button down shirts in neutral colors mostly, and sneakers or street hikers. She's pretty, but not amazing to look at.

Personality: Dani is independent without being fierce about it. She doesn't bristle when someone opens a door for her or offers to help her; she just doesn't expect anyone to. What other people do and how they behave is none of her business until it's harming them, herself or someone she cares about. Otherwise, do whatever you want. She's often too distracted with her own interests to notice what you're doing, anyway. She's very focused, and when she's in the middle of something someone will have to touch her to get her attention. She learned to drown out ambient noise while growing up with three little sisters.

She feels that wasting things is a crime, since someone somewhere needs it - energy, toothpaste, TP, whatever. She has an occasional beer but she's not a drinker, since wasting time and killing brain cells is a definite crime. She won't tell anyone what to do, but she won't have much to do with you if your behavior isn't up to par or you're being wasteful. It often takes people a while to realize they've been excommunicated. That's messed up, and she doesn't realize she's doing it. She'll take anything on, and give it a try, regardless of what it is, because she isn't aware of her own limitations yet. She doesn't sit and worry about what she's going to do or how she'll do it, she just does it. She's never been told any different, and the world has yet to show her any different. So she makes the best of everything with what she has and doesn't let any of it go by the wayside.

She likes to allow people to approach her first, and once they do she's quite open. She treats everyone virtually the same, so most people come away feeling that she's friendly, but she's not good at letting people know where they are with her. If she's mad at someone, she doesn't usually tell them right away because she doesn't want to leap down their throat. Conversely, if something wonderful has happened or someone is flat out wonderful, she's not going to jump up and down about it. She tends to grin and make comments, not shout and giggle. It makes her very even-keeled and approachable, because everyone knows what to expect from her.

That isn't to say she's not passionate; passion is just reserved for things that really deserve it, like work and true love and revolution. She's likely to find all three converging at once one day, and she'll probably be ready. She likes to be prepared. She sets her clothes out for the next day before she goes to bed, knows what she'll be eating and with who. She likes routine and finds comfort in it, although she will change it completely when she gets bored. The world is very interesting it its little everyday things, so that doesn't happen often. She gets her work ethic from her parents and her love of all things mundane from watching her little sisters grow up.

She is bisexual, and it isn't something she dwells on; it's just the way things are. She's interested in exploring it, and when the right someone or someones come along, well, she is a college girl. She's just very busy right now and not all excited about grabbing at whoever comes by. She leans toward buff guys with long hair and boyish, slender girls. She behaves like a bystander more often than not, but she's soaking it all up and storing it away for later. She's the type of person that makes a move when she gets good and ready, and then everyone knows about it.

She's comfortable overall in her own skin, and that comes across to other people, so she's easy to talk to. She won't break a confidence, she won't tell you what to do, and people who know her love the comments she makes under her breath. She's full of one liners and droll, dry wit that never seems to gossip or sting, just amuse. She's only occasionally sarcastic, and usually only when she's annoyed. To get her truly angry requires stupidity of catastrophic proportions, at which point she's liable to simply call you a name involving a ridiculous number of syllables, and then walk away as if nothing happened.

Her dream is to end up working at the Museum of Natural History.

History - Dani was born the oldest of four daughters to archeologists Paul and Marie Sverre in Grand Bend. She was an adventerous kid from the start, and had an equal number of girls and boys for friends. She was equally comfortable digging in the dirt or playing with dolls. Her parents were employed at a local museum and only very occasionally went away on digs or to lecture, and she would stay with her maternal aunt Casie in those cases. She always had as much attention as she wanted or needed, but was not spoiled - her parents worked very hard for everything they had, and archeologists are not in it for the money.

When she was four, her sister Hannah was born, and her mother stayed closer to home after that, no longer accompanying their father on expeditions. Dani doted on Hannah and helped her mother with almost ever aspect of taking care of her little sister. She was an obedient little girl and learned early on that helping out and sharing made her parents happy, and when they were happy they were less likely to argue with each other over every little thing.

When she entered school the next year and could no longer spend her days playing with Hannah, she was disappointed until she realized what kind of things she could get into at school. She was a child who could not be quiet for long or sit still, and it was very hard to get her off the monkey bars once recess was over. By the time she reached first grade, there was another baby in the family, Lanie, and Dani still enjoyed playing older sister, but was much more interested in catching bugs or reading her books. Littlest sister Sarah Rose came the year after, and it was a full house of jabbering girls. Dani shared a room with Hannah, and aside from the standard sibling squabbles there was nothing out of the ordinary. Paul Sverre became a tenured professor of archeology at the local university, and was able to stay home more often. When Dani was 10, her father took her on a weekend trip to see a dig in New Mexico that he was writing a paper on, and she was hooked after that. Her shelves became lined with books on identifying potsherds, Aztec culture, and the Museum of Natural History in New York.

By the time she was twelve, her mother went back to work part time curating, and her father was beginning to make a better salary. When a house with one bathroom and four girls became an agony, they moved to a larger home in the suburbs of Grand Bend, and Dani spent time digging up the backyard, nearby vacant lots, and the stretch of woods at the end of the block. She accidentally dug up dearly departed pets, 7Up cans, car parts, an occasional shoe and once a bone that was suspiciously human but she put that back where she found it and decided against telling anyone since she couldn't be sure.

She did well in school, knowing since the time she was ten that she wanted to go to college. She often helped her little sisters with their homework, and they would sit around the large kitchen table together, studying and giggling. She was always closest to Hannah but felt the same affection for all her sisters even as she spent more and more time away from home with friends or at basketball practice.

Sometime in her junior year of high school, she realized she was bisexual. She wasn't able to decide how to go about it, so she decided not to date at all. She flirted and went to dances and all the usual, but nothing serious transpired.

She decided to live on campus once she started college, with a full scholarship (including room and board - with a house of four kids, who wouldn't want to move away even if it wasn't far?), and she has one roommate, Kelly. She's completed one year of her archeology major, and has not declared a minor. She comes home every weekend and on the occasional weeknight to hang out with her sisters and talk shop with her parents.

She hasn't been awakened when she enters the story, but once she is, she will remember most of the past.

History – Past: I'd like to hold off on this until there are more would be great if she had some sort of close relationship (familial or romantic but hopefully not both) with Justice and at least one of the Knights. But I am open to fitting in to anyone else's history as needed. Hanging was very much as Sheridan is today. She disliked the way the people of the Arcana system doted on the Arcana Soldiers, as she believed the soldiers were servants and should not have been so highly revered. The grieving and troubled often sought her out, and she was often emotionally exhausted from trying to assist people in deciding what they must give up in order to obtain what was right or necessary. She was committed to the people, and when war broke out and moved the soldier's focus from their true duties, she fought to end it once she realized she could not stay out of it. She was killed trying to save someone she loved, although she no longer remembers who that was.

Soldier Information

Soldier/Knight/etc Name: Hanging, short for Hanged Man

Sphere of Power: Sacrifice, letting go

Uniform Colours:Slate blue and crimson.

Uniform: The main component is a solid blue duster of soft, pliable material that gathers in slightly at the waist and trails to mid-thigh. It's uniformly blue until it reaches her waist, where it begins to graduate/smear into a solid red. Underneath is a tank top of the same blue material, leaving her abdomen exposed. The bottom consists of red leather leggings that begin to smear to blue from the knees down, and bell out slightly at the foot to cover a pair of shiny gold boots. She carries a coiled rope, which she uses as a weapon - to tie people up, or smack them with if all else fails. The rope is intertwined/alternating slate and crimson.

Team/Alignment: Hanging is aligned with Fool. She would be interested, however, in stopping the war...if she can find a way that does not betray her friends and teammates.

Transformation: Arcananum mutatio, Hanged Man. Dani holds her card between the first and second fingers of her right hand, speaks her phrase, and the air blurs around her feet. It spirals up to her head, and changes her street clothes to uniform as it travels upwards.


One Or The Other (offense, sacrifice): This causes the target to feel as if they're choking until they stop doing whatever it is that Hanging doesn't want them to do. Maybe they're attacking a teammate, or her, or being generally annoying. The sooner they catch on and back off, the sooner they get to stop feeling as if they're swallowing their own tongue. The target must choose what's better - their current action or their enjoyment of oxygen. She does have to make physical contact with the target and speak the phrase to get it to work, and she'll resort to this one when she's angry.

Deliverance (defense, letting go): Hanging usually tries this one first. When invoked by pointing and speaking the phrase, a feeling of peace comes over the target, and they no longer see a reason for continuing whatever action they're in the middle of. They don't feel it's pointless, they just drift away happily. They feel a vague euphoria and their higher mental processes go bye-bye for roughly 20 seconds. By then everyone else has probably moved on. And no, Dueling Banjos cannot be heard in the background.

See a fabulous headshot of Dani here. Done by the even more fabulous Tami, who is hawt even without her epidermis.

Guardian? Why yes, Fool's team has a guardian!
Brooke is a gray mouse lemur, the smallest primate on earth. She was Hanged Man's maternal aunt in the Arcana past. She hits the scene when Dani's father comes back from a visit to a dig in Madagascar (she hid in his clothes); Dani will come home on the weekend and find a tiny furry thing waiting for her on her dresser. Seeing as she isn't the type to overreact, she'll just be amused and move on.

Lemurs hibernate from May to September. Or, really, they eat themselves into a stupor and store fat in their tails and do nothing for several months, which I'm sure humans would do if they could. I think I know someone...anyway. It's joyfully annoying to have a guardian who snoozes most of the year. She can be roused, but with difficulty, and then keeping her attention requires loud noises and candy.

They're endangered, so if Dani is seen with her, she'll have 'splainin' to do. Luckily she's a whopping 25 cm long and weighs about 4 ounces, so, good luck being seen. She's tiny, fat, soft and adorable, with freakishly huge eyes that make you want to give her anything she wants. Being part of the primate family, she has actual hands and can tie very tiny knots in things if you piss her off. She can also grab things with her long tail, and hang upside down from it when she wants to, so, ha, *hanging*.

Brooke is a sweet-tempered little dreamer who likes to lapse into extended versions of the smallest occurance. So she hasn't discussed much of the past with Sheridan - it takes years to get anything out. There's no telling what she really remembers because she meanders all over the place from one thought to the next. She likes to sit and wring her tiny hands and comment on her surroundings. She favors crumbcakes and anything else edible that she can easily hold chunks of, and her mouth is usually full.

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