the following folks are members of the romanus team, aka the only decent team in sailormyth:


Aesculapius : Asa Jason (RIP)

Ceres Knight : Heath Smith (surfer dude)

Lady Bacchus : Rayya Ariadne Veritas (girls just wanna have fun)

Sailor Cupid : Jamie Banning (RIP; Texaco and the Graikos got him!)

Sailor Fortuna : Gwyn Kelly (ZERO tolerance for bullies...higher tolerance for alcohol)

Sailor Clio : Priscilla "Pri" Gwidon (Good Grief, Charlie Brown!)

Sailor Thalia : Felicity "Lissie" di Rossi (stand up drama queen)

Sailor Urania : Regina Vesper (star struck)

Sailor Orcus : Jennifer Sumner (Aussie tarantula-lover)

Neptune Knight : Wade Salter (romantic water boy)




Theresa.(Rob took the photo)
Theresa looking stylish. Thanks Jennie-Pie! <3
Wade and his Romanus stable. By Chris!
Romanus sprites, by Tami
Tisiphone, throwing 'Mark of Fury'
An adorable chibi headshot by Tami <3

Updated 02/2005. Tisiphone resides in 6 tales thus far:
1) The Cards You're Dealt 2 )Aftermath 3) Yo Quiero Romanus 4) SPF9000 5)Going Out With Style and 6) Lost and Found.
And she's still alive. XD Tisi knows the following friends and enemies: Bacchus, Fortuna, Urania, Neptune, Thalia, Aldebaran, Pisces, and Pluto. She loves Rayya like a sister and wishes she could be more like her; she spars verbally with Gwyn but has more respect for her than she shows; she thinks Wade is the sweetest guy in the world and can't help saying terribly embarassing things to him because a guy who blushes is a rare thing. She doesn't know Lissie or Regina well, but likes what little she knows. She is getting to spend more time with Regina lately. The only team she's fought is the Astronomia, and not well at that. All they really did was annoy each other. Oh, and of course, there was that Graikos-killing thing in season I...

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