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The short form: *Jenifer lives in a second-floor, studio flat on the edge of Castle Park, in Colchester, about a ten minute walk from the Lion Walk mall center. *Works in London near Charing Cross. *Only child. *Can often be found at Igigi's, a newage store on Eld Lane, right next to Lion's Walk. *No roomates. *Blue eyes, navy hair. *Likes to drive randomly all over hell. *Fidgety, restless, not much of a talker, slightly tomboyish, mischevious, stubborn and weirdly optimistic. Is evasive herself but makes others get to the point. Wish List: if someone would just app for Sun using Cai (see below) it would be TEH AWESOME.

Senshi: Arianhrod, Welsh Senshi of the Moon
Name: Jenifer Olwen Raithnait
Meaning: Jenifer is Old Welsh for 'white phantom' or 'white spirit', and the spelling with only one 'n' is traditional. Olwen (OHL-wen) means "white footprint" or "shining track"; from ol "track, trace" + gwen "shining, holy". Raithnait is a Celtic form of Grace. Run together, it loosely translates to "white phantom footprint of grace." Mildly moon-like. Somewhat. She doesn't like 'Jen' or 'Jenny' or anything else folks come up with. It's Jenifer. Or Raithnait. Raith, if you're good. She thinks that sounds as tough as she'd like to be.
Age: 19
Birthdate: December 2nd, 8:36 a.m.(the date of the Festival of Arianhrod)
Astrological sign: Sagittarius with an Aries ascendant. From Aries she gets her lost causes, and from Sagittarius she gets her need for freedom and her need to get to the point.
Family: Mother, father, stepmother, and paternal aunt. Father Evan Raithnait, 51, is from West Wales, specifically a town named Dorchester. He was born to a fairly affluent family, the youngest child to older parents who have since passed on of old age. He's about 5'10", fair of complexion, and carries himself like a man who is always headed somewhere important. He has an easy grin, generally looks at ease in most situations, and can talk his way out of nearly anything, which allowed him to see another woman for several years while still married to Jenifer's mother. He's quick and just outside slimy at times, with everyone but his little girl. He's got honey-brown hair worn above the collar and parted to the right, dark blue eyes, and a weather worn face that shows off his love for sailing. Jenifer gets her rangy build from him. He sells real estate. And occasionally, it's dodgy stuff. If there's anyone entombed in the foundations of certain properties, he doesn't know a thing about it. Shhhh. Jenifer talks to him at least once a week. Still daddy's girl, in small ways.

Lilybet Raithnait, 46, now back to her maiden name of Teleri, was born an only child in nearby Sherbourne, near Abbey Road. Her parents have also passed on, when Jenifer was about 11. She has black, glossy hair that sweeps her shoulders and dark brown eyes of a bittersweet chocolate color, curves that most guys drooled over in her younger days, and a petite stature of 5'3". She has always tried to do things 'right', and has books on nearly everything - childraising, saving a marriage, Chinese cooking. She's managed to be at least passingly good at all three, but never quite realized it took effort from all corners, not just hers. She currently lives back in Sherbourne, near several friends from college. She's busy finding herself via personal enrichment classes, and works as a receptionist at a law firm. Jenifer talks to her every few days or so, and makes a point to see her at least once a month.

Evan's sister is Nona Raithnait, 54, a slender and severe looking woman with dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes who has never married. She owns and oversees several clothing stores in greater Wales that cater to the affluent. She has never been very close to her brother or his family, but she did make a point to acknowledge Jenifer's birthday with a letter and invitation to visit during school break. She had a particular interest in Jenifer, since she seems to be the only heir to the entire Raithnait estate (which is not amazing, but considerable nonetheless). She made sure Jenifer got out of town on a regular basis while growing up to see commerce in motion, and Jenifer still has a great affection for her. Even though she essentially disowned Jenifer after The Incident. She doesn't hear from her anymore, and doesn't push it.

Enid Goewin, 36, the stepmother, is younger and more slender than Jenifer's mother, of course. The second wife usually is. She's slight and a little bony, actually, a pale and frosty blonde with pointy features and a soft, almost girlish voice. She tries too hard to get on Jenifer's good side, which only makes her seem desperate and phony. Jenifer doesn't hate her: Enid just has the very unfortunate position of stepmother. And being the woman who broke up her parent's marriage, since Jenifer often forgets that her father had a lot to do with it as well. If Enid answers the phone when Jenifer is calling her father, Jenifer hangs up.

Jenifer also has a few distant cousins somewhere in London by the name of Welkin, but has never met them and knows nothing of them.

Occupation: Jenifer works in North London near Whetstone, where she does telesales as an assistant to a mortgage consultant for Hadfield Recruitment Ltd. People are rude buggers on the phone for the most part, and she hates it enough to know she has to keep it as long as she can in order to prove she can really, really hold a job long enough to deserve a better one. No school at the moment; she'd like to eventually, but can't afford it and won't ask her parents. Oh hell no.

Skills: Jenifer can get lost almost anywhere, by foot or car or rickshaw, and find her way home again. She loves getting lost, so it's a good thing she developed a sense or whatever it is to get herself back to familiar places. She has a good sense of direction, and is one of those rare people that can accept directions where some fool tells her "go west about 3 blocks". She can also make something out of nothing, whether it's decorating a space or making meal, and you'd never know she'd started with hardly anything.
Unfortunately, this also means she can make mountains out of mole hills in conversations with people, especially at work. It keeps people away and makes people think twice about bugging her over small things. Oh, and she can knit. Like the dickens. She's self-taught and currently trying to figure out how the heels go on socks.

Likes: Poetry by the old masters (as she seems to believe they were the only ones to get it right. 'Old' and 'masters' are by her definition, the Bronte sisters, Poe, etc); gothic novels; the smell of dying leaves in the fall; Van Gogh prints; driving all over for no reason and getting lost; squash pie, shepherd's pie, and most other pies. She's also pretty partial to retro folk artists like the Limelighters or The Mamas and Papas, stuff she heard at home while growing up. Brand new socks are the best. And lots of tea, iced or hot. She's partial to Darjeeling, but any black tea will do. She's poor at the moment and doesn't nitpick about things like tea.

Dislikes: Swimming pools. Any large bodies of water. She flat out can't swim. She's not deathly afraid of the water, she just doesn't like it enough to swim in it or try and learn. Deep water could hold any number of things willing to grab her ankles. She doesn't like the smell of seafood cooking - it's just pervasive. She can't stand polyester because it feels like hell against her skin, she gets annoyed at the sound of a ringing phone because of her crummy job, and bras are a dumb idea thanks to some old white guy in the dark ages. Punk rock is also a lot of noise made by silly gits who can't get along socially or bathe, and makes no sense anyway. And clowns should all be abolished. She's never run afoul of one, but there's no way any sane person dresses up like that and spends a lot of time with children without having bad intentions.

Favorite food: Chips, crispy on the outside and smushy on the inside. Fish optional.

Hated food: Tomatoes or tomato sauce. It all gives her heartburn, and when her parents first divorced, there were far too many meals that consisted of her father's specialty of tomatoes with cheese on muffins. Gak.

Favorite subject: Honors English, since it gave her a chance to realize she was good at something. It was the only subject she never snoozed through while in school.

Hated subject: Geography. Boring, until That Boy came along. You'd think a girl who's always wanted to travel would love it, but all those dumb squiggly border lines, and mountain ranges, and terrain analysis bored her to tears.

Color: White and green. Which green? #006600.

Hobbies: Planning her ideal house with catalogues she gets in the mail. From carpet to drapes to furniture, she imagines a big home by the sea on some romantic windswept cliff. Just not too damn close to the water. And no property taxes. She's never shared that with anyone, naturally, since she realizes it's a tad childish, in a way. She also likes to spend time plotting trips for when she finally has a chance to run off and wander. More immediately, she collects the insulators off telephone poles - the accordian-looking glass things that are nearly impossible to get to, and illegal to touch anyway. She has three at the moment, and would like more if she can find the right place and time. And still with the knitting! Scarves, socks, sweaters, hats. If she likes you, you'll get something in a color that suits you perfectly.

Aspirations: To get the hell out of the UK, or at least Colchester, long enough to see everywhere else. She always likes to come back home - she'll never leave Colchester permanently. But it looks gray and dull to her now, and she wants a different perspective of the world.

Gemstone: Moonstone. Of course.

Jenifer was born the only child of Evan and Lilybet Raithnait in Sevenoaks, Kent, of average weight and size, right on her mother's due date. She didn't fall down any stairs, swallow anything dangerous, or shove anything up her nose like any other self respecting toddler would. No scary trips to an emergency room during the night, just the occasional cough or sniffle. She was a fairly quiet kid, no screaming when she fell down, no armeggedon-scale fits when she didn't get her way. When she cried, it included an impressive showing of her bottom lip and large tears that generally meant screaming was unnecessary. Her parents would usually just give in to whatever she wanted. She was spoiled but didn't know it or take advantage of it. Her parents just flat out didn't know any better. Her mother had been an only child too, so she hadn't had any practice runs with a younger sibling. Jenifer was a daddy's girl, and daddy spent many evenings before bedtime telling her old Celtic myths from his own childhood, and it became her favorite time of day. Her very favorite tale was that of the kelpie, a river spirit that often appeared as a black or white horse that would lure unwary travelers to their doom.

As a young child, she had an easy time in school (Sevenoaks Prep), moving from task to task with relative ease. She adapted to new environments quickly and with a minimum of fuss, and often completed tasks before she was supposed to, so teachers either ignored her or doted on her. She didn't need the attention that the average kids did, and she wasn't looking for approval, so she ended up being that steady, reliable kid that teachers left in charge for five minutes while they ran to the loo. She had friends over to her house - boys and girls - to play ponies, or make cookies, or dig for bugs in the vacant lot next door. They slept in tents in the yard, or went swimming (she stayed in the kiddie pool), or played in a local park. She had an absurd number of friends, some good, many passing, all willing to pass time with her as she generally knew how to have fun without getting into trouble. She had the prerequisite skinned knees and bugbites, and her parents let her run loose like a wild thing for the most part, since she kept out of trouble and they didn't seem to know any better.

By the time she entered secondary school, again in Sevenoaks, a few teachers were able to recognize that as long as they kept her occupied, she would take things a step further without needing direction. She would keep herself engaged with whatever project was the big deal of the week, she turned things in on time, and she usually kept her grades in the higher range. Not to get the grade - she just went about her business, and if it was met with approval, well, good for them. She mainly did things for herself, to learn or understand or experience something new. Most of the time, her steady personality allowed her to fly under the radar, so she was neither with the popular group, or the stoners, or the nerds. She didn't bother aligning herself anywhere purposely; she had friends from a wide range of 'groups'. She knew everybody, and everybody knew her, so she had her own special brand of popularity that wasn't subject to anyone else's expectations. She did her hair however she liked it, and dressed the way she wanted, and ignored anyone who made snarky comments. The world was orderly and generally went her way without a lot of effort on her part.

It took her awhile to notice that her parents were increasingly silent with each other. Dinnertime had become strained, they did fewer things together, and her father spent more time away from home. Jenifer didn't ask; she wasn't sure how, and while her home had been loving, it was not a place of in depth conversation or sharing. She began to realize that, like most preteens or early teens, she knew very little about her parents as people. They had existed to her only as parents, as authority figures that weren't very authoritative. Beloved strangers. She went on maintaining, going about school and life in general while watching their behavior in a peripheral sense. So when they finally sat her down and explained that things would be changing, she wasn't all that surprised. Her mother had decided to move back home to Wales for awhile, with an old school friend, Addiena. They would not discuss why. Her parents divorced just after her 14th birthday. At first, she lived with her father, as it allowed her to continue with school and a home she knew. She visited her mother once a week, but asked no questions, and her mother simply didn't believe Jenifer needed to know - or would understand. But her father started dating again right away, one particular Welsh woman by the name of Enid Goewin, and Jenifer began to piece things together. The more Enid hung around, the more Jenifer resented her. Their once placid, easygoing and curious daughter became a sullen, annoying teenager very quickly. She was never openly snotty, nor did she refuse to do as she was told. She was simply never anything. She didn't participate in conversation, or go on outings, or speak to Enid unless she absolutely had to. Her ability to adapt had reached its limit. She became unpredictable. It didn't help that her weekly outings with her mother began to consist of questions about Enid, either. It felt as if her parents were strangers, but they had been all along, and she had finally realized it. She spent any time out of school - holidays and vacations - with her mother or aunt. By the time she turned 15, her mother had her own flat near Sherbourne.

At 15, she met Cai Fflam, a boy her own age whose parents had just moved to the area from Sheffield, as his father was a construction superintendant who had been transferred to build schools in the area. He had dark brown hair, slate grey eyes, and a rakish hairstyle that he wore with impunity, sticking out every which way. Most of what he said came with a smirk or a one-shoulder shrug...except when he spoke to Jenifer. They met at school, in Geography, and for once class wasn't boring from then on. Neither was able to decide who noticed who first, but soon they were planning study sessions for Geography. Then everything else. And Jenifer's myriad of regular friends began to grouse about how all her time was now spent with that boy, and only with that boy. Hand holding commenced. First smooches were exchanged. Parents beamed at how cute and romantic they were, when they noticed. Jenifer's interests began to dwindle for anything but Cai, and had she been able to reflect on it she would have been horrified at the change in herself. But he was Something New in her life, and opened up all kind of Possibilities. Including love, whispers of running away together, and sex.

And Jenifer's first missed period.

She made sure, then made sure again, and then kept it a secret. All the way up until her fifth month, when she finally began to show. She confessed to Cai first, who panicked and left her standing there, in the park, by the swings, with her mouth still open. Within a week, his parents had pulled a few strings with his father's more well-to-do banker friends, and shipped him off via an exchange student program, to Belgium. Jenifer had to break the whole thing to her parents. But before she did that, she had to break it to herself that Cai was not running away with her but from her, that her temporary and foolish dream of family and love was over, and she would stay here, with no idea on how to raise a child. Heartbroken, she spent days weeping, allowing her father and friends to believe it was all over Cai leaving. Cai's parents contacted her once, by phone, to tell her that in no uncertain terms would they allow her to blackmail their boy or ruin his bright future. She never had a chance to see Cai again, not even to say goodbye, and that hurt her as much as his running away.

Her father took it badly, using the big Disappointment speech, my little girl, her life is over, blah blah blah, and generally he was of no help at all. Enid no sooner tried to get a word in edgewise than Jenifer shrieked like a banshee and demanded to go live with her mother. Her mother took it just as badly, and much yelling was had, and she then stated she'd been through the raising of an infant once and would not be going through it again. Both parents pushed her to put the baby up for adoption. She remained at her childhood home, going though the motions of school with all the passion of an automaton. She told a couple of close girlfriends the truth, and they may have meant well, but they couldn't shut up, and soon the whole school knew. Few were kind. Words like 'whore', words that never would have applied to her before and never should have, were thrown around on a regular basis. She had fallen from grace. She never saw the letters that came for her after that; her father made sure she never knew of them.

Jenifer closed herself off from the world soon after, no longer returning calls from friends. She stayed at home, studying or reading, keeping exclusively to herself. She took her GSCE's on time regardless, refusing to let everything become off kilter. She still wanted some sense of normalcy. About a month after her 16th birthday, a 7 pound, 4 ounce boy was born, and within an hour was spirited away by an infertile couple she never saw. The arrangement had been made by her father.

Wanting desperately to move on and start over, Jenifer moved in with her mother immediately after. She still tries very hard not to think about any of it, but it gets to her on the boy's birthday, January 7th. She has no idea where he is or what his name is now, has no idea where Cai is or how he's doing. She's always been careful not to name the baby in her head, but he's much more than an abstract to her. She tells herself it all turned out for the best, as she can't imagine being saddled with a toddler, probably in some dump, waitressing at night and married to that cowardly bastard, her life over at sixteen.

Her father married Enid just after Jenifer turned 17, not long after The Incident. Jenifer attended, too weary to rebel, but refused to be in the ceremony itself.

Immediately after, Jenifer moved out of her mom's house and got a job that would allow her to keep a small flat. It's a second-floor studio flat in Colchester, very small, very tidy, formerly with a gerbil named Rumor. Her job is annoying, and she's busy dreaming of running away and living somewhere else, anywhere. Different faces, accents, terrain, weather. She wants to travel and explore, but where she is right now, she feels a bit trapped. She has little money as she's still a novice at the job (even two years later, because she doesn't care much about it), every day is the same, and she's left herself without close friends. But she's free, and her time is solely her own. After Jenifer's pet gerbil Rumor died several months ago, she was wandering a pet store when a rat-like animal called a jerboa decided to make himself known to her. By smacking his head on the glass of his terrarium, drooling, and shouting unintelligibly at her about fate and responsibility and apple-snacks. In English and Welsh. Jenifer backed slowly away and walked out of the store, and didn't return until a week later, believing she'd had an episode of some kind. The talking jerboa was the only jerboa left by then, looking sad and decrepit in a cage at the back of the store - he'd refused to be sold or moved, having bit anyone who put their hands in. Jenifer gave in to some odd impulse, feeling sorry for him regardless of what craziness had befallen her, and by the time she got him home, he'd told her quite a story about goddesses, wars and fallen kings.

At any rate, she doesn't quite realize how gaining the notice of a talking animal will impact her yet, as he mumbles a lot and hasn't come around to telling her exactly what he wants from her. But she knows it'll be something new, and peculiar, so she's playing along by listening and agreeing with whatever he says. He keeps forgetting her name, and goes on about how it's not really her name, and she just laughs. So far, she thinks it's all a big fairy tale, utterly fascinating good fun and more myths to tie in with the ones she heard as a child. She's still young enough to love the idea of magic, of being inherently powerful and part of something bigger. Even if it's a big flaming batch of rodent refuse coming from the addled mind of a creature she picked up at the pet store. It's okay that the world really does contain talking creatures and a hint of possible magic. She can deal with that just fine. And, Jenifer has just discovered that Enid is pregnant. She is not very forgiving about it. Somewhere is her own little boy, who is older than her soon to be half-sibling.

Jenifer comes off as scrappy and easily annoyed, and knows it. And doesn't much care, since anyone who doesn't try hard enough to get past that isn't worth her time anyway. She's well versed in her manners, but it's up to her when she uses them, and it never hurts to keep people guessing. She can't stand rudeness, but she's obviously got everyone at arm's length before they can even say 'hi'. The moon is locked in orbit with the Earth, and so she too is always showing the same face to the world. There's no such thing as a dark side of the moon....just a side we never see. If she needs to, she'll use a smokescreen by leaping off some point in a conversation she doesn't like, and making it into a whole other thing. By the time she's done, no one remembers what started it or what it was all about. But if you're hedging with her, she can also get you straight to the point, and summarize nearly anything with one simple line. The real Jenifer is gentle and maternal and disgustingly optimistic; she believes everything really will turn out just fine, one way or another. But that kind of attitude has failed her in the past, and she's seen other people employ it and earn nothing but scorn from their peers. So the world can just go on talking to her hand, until someone with the same heart comes along. She thought that someone had, once, but the prince was a frog and she'll be more careful from now on.

Jenifer is a restless person, and likes things to change on a regular basis. Some people go for years not changing the furniture around, or even changing the decor, but Jenifer will do so on a weekly basis. If things are different, then she can probably pretend they're fresh. She can't afford to constantly change the color of drapes or carpets, but she can change layouts or twist the curtains up with a different colored bit of ribbon. Sameness is no comfort to this girl. She likes to try new things, whether it's food or beverage or cliff diving. New sports, a new walking trail, a different train to work, Indian food, ale. The world is full of things she'll never get tired of discovering.

She yearns for greater things, but never expects them to be handed to her; she wants to be a self-made girl, and beholden to no one. The familiar and secure have become a threat, so she always wants something new or at least different. She chooses goals easily, and meets them as soon as she can, then discards them for the next challenge. She doesn't feel that way about people, but as soon as something is complete, she's done with it. She always finishes what she starts unless something completely unforeseen happens, and then she moves on quickly. She doesn't like grudges or sour grapes, so she tries not to keep unpleasantness going. It's a waste of everyone's time; get in their face, make everything plain, then go on with life. If that doesn't work, then shutting down completely the way she learned to do after her parents divorced will also get the job done. She'll just go about her business, and the rest of the world can go hang. She speaks to her parents, occasionally goes out with coworkers for a pint, but no one gets close. She's been down that road before. Common sense dictates it was just a bad time in a little girl's life, but she has no reason to believe it won't just happen again. No one can really be trusted, even if you love them with all your heart. It's just not enough. She once loved risks, in all ways, and now she only likes them when other people aren't involved.

Jenifer is a person who likes to constantly move, whether to fidget or houseclean or dance. If she keeps moving, then the past won't catch up with her and she won't have to think much about what's gone behind her. She's still a passionate, bouncy person who loves life and the next thing around the corner, even if she's basically sequestered herself. She loves the community she grew up in, loves the way it smells in Spring or the carolers that always jaunt around near Yuletime, and doesn't want to leave it. She's generally kind, but doesn't suffer fools lightly, and doesn't like it when people ask her personal questions. She'll grin and say, "Why do you want to know?", and that grin will be wide and mischevious. Her coworkers have already learned to leave her be, but unfortunately making herself a mystery only brings her more attention. She's a favorite in the rumor mill, both at work and around town, and if she hears any of it she doesn't let on. She's started a couple of the rumors herself.

There's no real malice in her - her head's too cool and easygoing for it. But no one else needs to know that, and she can put on a good show when she feels like it. She can knit her brows and bare her teeth, and even growl if she feels like it, and drive nearly anyone off. She's pretty and small and lives alone, and she doesn't want to be unprepared even if the crime rate is pretty low in her area. She doesn't mind wielding a little intimidation every now and then to keep some tipsy fool on the corner from hitting on her when she goes into London.

She's learned to listen rather than talk, as she's learned that while people are chatting away they won't focus on her very easily. She's also learned that she likes to listen to people, that everyone has a story, and it's usually interesting. Sometimes she jots things down in the journal she keeps, things to consider later. Not information on people, just interesting things that give her ideas. She writes more and more as time goes on, and finds it cathartic. She may have made herself somewhat of a hermit, but she's still a light in any room she enters, and the people who used to know her miss her. And maybe things would be very different, of she knew about the letters her father's hidden from her. But maybe not.

Jenifer has large, long-lashed dark blue eyes (#3300CC), straight, navy blue shoulder length hair(#000066), and a long, slender neck. Her eyes crinkle at the corners noticeably when she laughs. Her forehead is high, with brows that are a little heavier than you would expect in such a small, heart shaped face, but they make her look less pixieish and more serious. She usually wears her hair in a shoulder-length bob with mid-length bangs that part in the middle, and occasionally tucks her hair behind her right ear. Unfortunately, neither ear is large enough to hold it in place for long. When you get close enough, you can see her nose has been broken before, just a little crunch when she decided it would be fun to blindfold herself and run through the trees in the vacant lot next door. Otherwise, it's small and buttonish. Her mouth is thin-lipped but still feminine, and there are semaphore-shaped dimples at the corners when she smiles and means it. She stands about 5'5", and her legs seem to go on for quite a ways. She carries herself in a tomboyish, almost lanky way, and she has no special curves - she's sort of rangy. She's pretty in a non-caring way, without makeup, and constantly wears a cord necklace with a plain round silver disc, something her aunt gave her as a child. Her choice of clothing tends to run to sweaters or cotton weaves, pullovers and denim. She favors sweaters over a cotton T, runners or loafers, and has a favorite knee-length cardigan of a smoky color. She likes to stand with one knee cocked, and her thumbs through her beltloops, head cocked to one side while she listens to what you say.

She has sturdy looking hands and feet, tidy, square nails that she never bites, and her pinkies are double-jointed. Her voice is a midrange tenor that gets husky when she's been laughing too much or crying. She often drops it to a lower register to convey when she's being very serious.

Fuku: A simple, thin green tiara lays across her forehead with a teardrop-shaped moonstone at the center. There's an identical thin green choker at her throat, also with a moonstone at the center. A garment crosses her upper chest and covers her shoulders in green, with a moonstone at the center, leaving a bit of cleavage. The upper cuffs of her white, bicep-length gloves are attached to the garment. The gloves are fingerless and are anchored with a transparent ring around each middle finger. A white bodysuit covers her breasts downward, past her hips, and stops partway down her thighs, looking almost like a minidress. A skirt-like, flowing white garment begins at her hips, with a green sash at the top and fastened with another moonstone. It clings to her legs and flares outward around her boots, fastened in the back at her calves. Her boots are white and thigh length and cover the outsides of her legs; the insides are open in a wavy pattern. The top of the foot of each high-heeled boot sports YET ANOTHER moonstone.
See it here.

Henshin item: When she gets it, it'll be a clear, spherical marble that expands to about the size of an apple - and glows - after she transforms. She'll know it as the Cornerstone of Caer Sidi.

Transformation: "Arianhrod Celtae Power, Make Up!"
Jenifer clenches the marble in her fist, holding her arm straight out in front of her at shoulder height and then raising it above her head. White light escapes from between her fingers, growing until her hand can no longer be seen through it. The light seems to drip down her arm and over her shoulders, engulfing her, bleaching out her colors as it goes. By the time it reaches her feet, it fades away, and Arianhrod is revealed in her fuku, holding the Cornerstone (which is now glowing) at her side, feet apart, with her hair and eyes bleached a monochrome white. The only other color left is the green trim in her fuku. Which means even if she doesn't have much in the way of Mad Power, she's pretty scary all the same.

First off, Ari's powers all work based on what phase the moon is in. Half moon=half power, etc. It doesn't matter if it's day or night; the moon's still out there, somewhere. Standing in moonlight will increase her powers (see 'Drawing Down'), and conversely, a cloudy night will diminish them but not erase them completely. The only time she is unable to transform or use her powers is during the new moon and the day on either side when the moon can't be seen. And once she figures all this out, she'll be checking her moon info every damn morning before she leaves the house. It doesn't occur to her for some time that moonlight is nothing more than a reflection of sunlight, but it'll come to her.
Drawing Down:
Based on the idea of 'drawing down the moon', or drawing power into yourself from the moon, a pagan moon ritual. This isn't a power - it just allows her to boost her powers. She recharges incrementally by standing in any available moonlight and holding the Cornerstone in it. Say, ten minutes means a ten percent boost in proportion of what phase the moon is in. The overall strength of her powers is still ultimately subject to what phase the moon is in, but this gives her another option. She's more vulnerable while doing this, as she usually won't pay attention to much else while in the light. She can only do this while transformed - she can't obtain any power from the moon while in civvie form. If the moon is in a lesser phase or she wants an instant boost, she can pull energy from a compatible senshi. Compatibility would mean either another Welsh senshi, or the senshi of the Sun. It will drain the other senshi, so the circumstances would have to be extreme if she feels any kind of rapport with that other senshi. Any energy she pulls will stay with her until she uses it up in battle, or until she de-transforms.
Ebb Tide:
Based on the idea that the moon creates the tides by causing the Earth to act as a giant sponge for its oceans, absorbing and releasing as the moon's gravity pulls the water toward itself. Arianhrod holds the Cornerstone out to a particular target and makes a pulling motion, causing the water in her target's body to suddenly shift toward their feet. It's uncomfortable, and causes swelling to the legs for awhile after. The target will feel weak and dehydrated immediately, severe enough to cause nausea and light headedness. The lightheadedness will only last about thirty seconds, enough to catch them off guard and disturb them into thinking they're very ill. She can do this many times per henshin, depending on what phase the moon is in (the more visible the moon, the more she can get away with. Maybe 2 or 3 times on a crescent, maybe 9 or 10 times on the full moon). She doesn't need to speak the phrase, but she often will.
If she has enough power stored up, she can release it in the form of bursts of white light through the Cornerstone. It will stun in relation to how much she puts behind it - which depends on what kind of night she's having. On a crescent moon or a cloudy night, it'll knock someone over or give them a headache. If she's been Drawing Down or catches someone on a full moon, it'll temporarily blind them and knock them several yards through the air, usually resulting in unconsciousness. She can perform this twice per henshin at the most, as it'll use up whatever she has stored, and it'll wear her out. Guardian: A jerboa named Einion, who was born seventh in a litter of seven in a pet store in Colchester. At first Jenifer treated him like some sort of fantastic secret, as if she was the only one who would be able to hear him talk. She made him repeat himself often, which never seemed to irritate him since he tends to repeat himself out of habit anyway. He hasn't told her who she is, much less how to transform yet, as he can't seem to remember how it's done or where he's supposed to come up with her object. He means to tell her; he just doesn't remember everything.

Einion is a little ragged looking and suffers from bouts of paranoia. Generally, the only thing that calms him is having something to chew on, a toilet paper roll or a popsicle stick, maybe some pumpkin seeds. The paranoia runs along the lines of thinking his small size will cause anything and everything large to descend on him. Which first would need to assume he was an obvious target. But he's just a damn jerboa, and the entire senshi world doesn't know he's there, much less care. He doesn't worry, really, or get himself into a state; he just stares a lot, watching, waiting for something. Anything. He speaks very deliberately, and often in iambic pentameter with a slight lilt at the end of most sentences that makes it sound like he's asking a question even if he's not.
There's no love/hate relationship between the two; she now treats him like a respite from the general drudgery of a workaday an African Grey parrot with an expanded vocabulary. They don't have heart-to-heart talks, or gossip, or show affection. She leaves the door of Rumor's old cage open, with plenty of warm snuggly batting and chewy things in it. He hangs out in there to watch all sides or think, or struggle to remember who exactly Jenifer is supposed to be, or how that's all supposed to happen. He just knows he's in the right place for the first time in his new and fuzzy little life, and even if something bad finally does happen, at least then he'll get more of a hint about what he should do next. It'll come to him. He just needs....a bit of impetus.
A cartoonish sketch of Einion.

Arianhrod (aree-AN-rod), whose name means "Silver Wheel", (aka the moon, hurr) is a Goddess of fertility, the full moon, the stars, regeneration, and reincarnation. And don't forget mistress of the otherworld tower of initiation, Caer Sidi, where poets learn starry wisdom and where the dead go between incarnations. She appears in the story of Math ap Mathonwy, as the daughter of Don and sister of Gwydion. When Math loses his footholder, she applies for the post. This involves a magical test of virginity (uh huh, right) by which she steps over Math's 'wand'. Suuuure. And the minute she does so, she gives birth to two infants: Dylan, who runs right off to the ocean, and the premature Lleu Llaw Gyffes, whom Gwydion scoops up, incubates and raises as his protege. Having been busted/harassed/embarrassed before the whole damn court, Arianhrod lays badass magic on Lleu: no name, no arms and no human wife. All three prohibitions are overcome with the help of Gwydion's magic in dastardly guy-like ways. The subtext of the story and earlier references suggest that both her children were incestuously conceived with Gwydion, her brother, or by Math, her uncle. Eek. On this week's episode of Touched By An Uncle.... Humiliated by King Math, thwarted by her son, and forsaken by her brother, Arianhrod retreated to her castle, Caer Arianhrod. Here she later drowned when the sea reclaimed the land. Her consort Nwyvre ('Sky, Space, Firmament') has survived in name only.
Oh, and green was supposed to be the color associated with her.

Einion Yrth (the Impetuous) was king of Gwynedd in c. 419. He traveled to North Wales with his father, Cunedda Wledig, in the early 5th century to expel the invading Irish. Despite being the seventh son, he became heir to his father's central power-base of Gwynedd. From here, Einion was eventually able to impose himself as over-king to most of his brothers. Scrappy little guy with a mission. And most likely paranoid, with all those brothers.

Jerboas are nocturnal and don't drink water, which jibes with the fact that there are many 'seas' (mares) on the moon but no actual water. And yes, we're discarding the hypothesis regarding ice at the moon's poles. I mean, in 1999, researchers also discovered by accident that a huge cloud of sodium GAS trails behind the moon, but in the interest of good taste we're discarding that, too. Jerboas look like this: Einion is actually a lesser five-toed jerboa (or 'little earth hare'), A. pumillio, with larger ears and a mix of black-tipped gray and brown in his coat.

The Moon: Soil samples from the moon tend to contain round pieces of glass due to innumerable impacts over the millennia, ergo, a marble as a henshin item.

Random stuff: Jenifer's nickname as a child was 'goose'. As in silly, and many other variations.

Monsterbait: Her parents, all her coworkers, and her little half-sibling once he or she is born. Much drama shall commence.

Possibilities: Jenifer drives around a lot and can run into anybody, anytime. She can run into someone on a picnic, at lunch in a pub in London that a lot of the working stiffs frequent, see someone on the trains or find someone on the side of the road with car trouble. She can find herself at one of the schools or universities on career day, helping her boss do a presentation. Any of this could set Einion's memory off, if he's with her, and start all kinds of trouble.

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