Affiliation: Harmony

Name: Recently

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 115

Likes: Poetry; touring; bartending; Persian rugs; spoons. She loves watching for satellites; she also loves dragonflies, ravens, and Halloween.

Dislikes: Rigid rules; wastefulness; folks who don't recycle. She also has a serious problem with people who don't have diverse views. Racism and discrimination enrage her, two of the very few things which cause her to be truly angry.

Recently is African-American with coffee and cream skin and slightly Caucasian features. She has long, long spiral-curly hair that reaches below her knees. She usually keeps it in a braid or in elaborate designs, and often has hemp decorations woven through it. She has wide, bittersweet-colored eyes that usually express what she's thinking before her face or mouth will. She has a tall, classic figure-8 figure, slightly curvy and muscular. She has a wide mouth and a stunning grin that finish off a youthful, oval-shaped face. She has a long, slender neck and unusually small feet. She generally wears a light gray T with the Firedancer logo on it, and baggy dark gray warm-ups with black Doc Martins. She wears a pineapple grass bracelet on her right wrist and will occasionally wear a leather jacket. She carries a small bag woven of hemp with a dragonfly logo on it. Her necklace is the Firedancer on a short silver chain. When she's not in that outfit, she's in a flame-yellow dress with matching gloves and boots - what she usually considers her 'all out' getup.

Recently is very thoughtful and introspective, almost to the point of pensiveness. She isn't withdrawn, however, just distracted by her constant need to absorb things she sees and make sense of the world. Some folks mistake it for antisocialism or depression when they first encounter her, but she's really just tapping into higher places. She's very peaceful, and when she's not deep in thought or watching over her band, she has a wide, gleaming grin and sparkling eyes. She finds life joyful and fraught with meaning, much like the man the band is named for. She's easily hypnotized by Boyd's electric violin, nd can even be frozen in place by it. If anyone chose to attack when Boyd was doing an extended solo, she might not be able to help.

She has a mischievous streak – changing reeds on Leroi's sax, restringing a guitar or mandolin backwards, switching the roadie's drinks around. They're all harmless pranks that she always reveals before trouble is caused. She'll often fix the trouble herself once it's discovered – she would never jeopardize a show or studio session.

She has the most affection for Carter, Boyd & Dave, and can't decide about Stefan and Leroi. She would protect them all equally, but she's not sure about those two on a communication level. So, Leroi and Stefan can't see her. She thinks Stefan is a 'doofus' (in an affectionate way) but doesn't say so to anyone else.

Recently tends to stutter slightly when trying to get an idea across, like Dave does. She doesn't do it all the time, just when she's in a thoughtful mood and is trying to explain something abstract. She also tends to look away while she's talking to someone and trying to think at the same time. She can seem a little eccentric or almost secretive – but not in a negative way. Just a little endearingly spacy. She's very affable and seems very peaceful and innocuous – until someone threatens her band. She doesn't condone violence and prefers to try another way first (talking, espionage, etc. She'd make an excellent spy, with those big 'who, me?' eyes). But if it comes down to it, she can be fierce. And she likes to talk big.

When she first appears, the final 45 seconds of 'Dreams of Our Fathers' plays.

What Would You Say

Forces anyone to face/tell the truth. Lasts only a couple of minutes, and it's not very strong. So she's got to use it quickly, and not waste it. She says the phrase 'What would you say' and then asks a question, and it will usually be answered truthfully until the person catches on and fights back.

This attack changes every time because the lyrics to the song change every time it's performed live. The song in fact rarely if ever makes any sense. Sometimes the recipient believes they've been possessed and acts erratically; sometimes they suffer debilitating paranoia; sometimes they see shadows reaching for them, all things mentioned in the album version of the song. To activate it she says "Bury all, bury all, bury all". The attack is essentially harmless and only lasts a minute, tops.

Cry Freedom
Releases anyone (senshi, band member or civilian) from either a tangible or intangible restraint. She can help someone escape by opening any lock or guiding the lost to safety. She speaks the phrase "The future is no place to place your better days". It stays in effect until everyone is safe or she releases it.

What You Are
This one acts as a mirror to whoever it's cast on, showing them what they look like from another perspective. They're forced to see how they affect others. It's only a brief glimpse, but it's usually enough for some to get a full view of the damage – or good – they really do to others. It only has an effect if the victim/recipient has an open mind or vulnerable moment, so it doesn't always work. She has to touch the target and say, "Are you and I so unalike?".

"I shouldn't care if you don't like it."
"I had a clue…now it's gone forever."
"They all do it the same."
"Eat, drink and be merry – for tomorrow we'll die."
"This is the last stop."
"This weighs on me as heavy as stone and as blue as I go."
"There you are, nailing good to a tree, and then say 'forgive me, forgive me."
"You comb your hair to hide your lying eyes."
"Don't burn the day away."
"Fools are we, if hate's the gate to peace."
"By love, we'll beat back the pain we've found."
"There are bad times, but that's okay."
"Everything good needs replacing."
"If you don't get in line, we'll lock you away."
"You pay for what you get."
"I mean, you never know. Maybe you're dreaming."
"A thing or two I have to say here…"
"I laugh at what I cannot change."
"I can't believe we would lie in our graves, dreaming of things we might have been."
"How can I turn away?"
"Hands and feet are all alike, but fear between divide us."
"Monkey see, monkey do."
"Sometimes I find it's better to be somebody else."
"Only tomorrow leads my way."
"Go ahead and dream that you're the chosen one."
"It's times like these when my faith I feel."
"You have been banished."
"I shall miss these things, when it all rolls by."
"When you live life – then you become what you are."
"It's such a waste, child."
"Righteous, you're righteous, you're always so right!"
"I must confess – my view is of wonder about this."
"You better lock me up – I'll do it again."
"Why can't I dream you away from me?"
"Do you think I've gone too far?"
"It was me, right or wrong."
"Got a long way to go, but you gotta start somewhere."
"These fickle, fuddled words confuse me."
"These twisted games we're playing…"
"We're strange allies, with warring hearts."
"These wicked lies we tell, and hope to keep safe from the pain."
"Are you and I so unalike?"
"The truth is that I don't really care."
"These crimes between us grow deeper."
"If I had it all…I'd fuck it up."
"I did what I thought needed be done."
"I have this feeling that things here are not as they seem."
"Reassure me."
"Run, I will run, and I'll be okay."


the last stop
the best of what's around
the space between