Avatar/Band: Journey

Lineup: Neal Schon, guitarist and founder; Jonathan Cain, keyboards and guitars; Ross Valory, bassist and founder; Steve Augeri, lead singer and Wearer of Red Leather Pants; Deen Castronovo, drums. Find them at journeymusic.com.

Nicknames: Liberty, blue jean girl

Birthdate: 12/31/73 (Journey's first night onstage)

Height: 5' 8"

Favorite food: French fries, with pepper and tabasco

Hated food: When she's awake, that's all she'll eat, so who knows?

Likes: Journey fans, things with wings, clear nights, minor chords, Sailor Santana, Harleys, drawing on people's faces when they're asleep

Dislikes: Bad English, Oblivion, one hit wonders, hearing people play 'chopsticks', snakes, guitars that aren't tuned, and folks who destroy instruments on stage

Sinature/Appearance Music: the guitar solo from 'Don't Stop Believin''

General Appearance:

When she materializes, Liberty can generally be found in blue jeans, a black bodysuit with a solid color (usually white) button-down shirt open over it, and white tennishoes. Over that she tends to wear a long overcoat that reaches below her knees, and she keeps the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. The strange thing about this is, the coat changes depending on her attitude. Sometimes a solid black, red, or white, it can just as easily be white with multi-colored paint splatters on it. She used to wear tails...

She wears two necklaces: one is a scarab carved of stone on a black cord, its wings outstretched. The other is a gold 8th note. She isn't sure which one is hers, and she's usually looking for the owner of the other necklace. She got the idea somewhere that she is one of two halves, and has kin somewhere that she should be trying to locate, which is generally what she's doing when she isn't battling one-hit wonders...or snoozing in the 'Whale' (the keyboardists' cherry red grand piano).

Liberty has straight brown hair, with golden highlights, that reaches just past her shoulders and curls at the tips. Her bangs tend to tumble over her headband, into her face. Her hair is getting progressively lighter as time goes on, since the majority of the guys inthe band now have brown-to-blond hair. She has silver-blue eyes that are visible in the darkness if she's angered.


Liberty's an entity of few words. When she does talk, it's with a humor that tends to lean towards irony. She isn't cynical, she just thinks the world is pretty damn funny. She isn't shy, and she has a knack for being able to walk into places as if she belongs. Her self confidence and nearly smirking humor tend to put people off, and they won't approach her to question her even if it's a restricted area she's walking into. She tilts her head at people after asking a question or making a point, tends to talk with her hands, and generally throws an attitude wherever she goes. Through all that, she somehow remains very likable. She's slightly unsteady when she first awakens; Journey was basically defunct for ten years, and that's a long sleep for any entity. She'll gain her bearings. Don't worry.

If the band--or any member of it--is in danger, she'll easily resort to violence. The survival of the band is all...even if that means the ultimate 'removal' of a member, when there's no other way. She's a representation of Journey in all of its 8 incarnations, and bears an infinity symbol on the palm of her right hand.

If she catches you playing chopsticks on any piano, you may easily lose a few fingers. And gods help you if you're a roadie or tech who happens by the Whale and thinks it'll be funny to bang that old chestnut out while she's sleeping. Jonathan and his children are the only beings who can get away with it unharmed. She also hums 'Patiently' under her breath a lot, and likes to hang out under streetlights...


Journey Chain Reaction

Causes any small thing to become a catalyst for disaster. She's careful with this one, because it's living, breathing proof of Chaos Theory, the idea that a breeze from a butterfly's wings in the rainforest can eventually create a hurricane in the Atlantic. She can amplify anything with it--a gesture, a breeze, a changing traffic light, and set off a chain of events that are intended to at least divert, if not destroy, her intended target. This one's hard to see coming because it's so indirect.

To invoke it, she stands with her feet apart, one hand gripping the opposite wrist while she whispers the word 'chain'. Then she crosses both wrists at chest height before making an abrupt downward motion that separates them as she says 'reaction'. Then she'll often walk away, usually for cover, and hope no one but her intended target gets hurt.

Example: somewhere, a pipe is leaking. It's causing a weakness in a water main beneath a street two miles away. Milli Vanilli is crossing the street to get to Journey. She throws a Chain Reaction, and the street beneath them suddenly collapses into a huge sinkhole, accelerated by her interference.

Edge Of The Blade

Causes anything thrown at her to turn back on the wielder, but only if she invokes it in time. It's a combination of defense/offense, and doesn't need a spoken phrase. She turns a quick circle, and as she does, a ring of twisting blue light flashes down her form, becoming an infinity symbol by the time it reaches her waist and she's face forward again. Then she throws it outward. Whatever attack was thrown at her rebounds, straight back where it came from. She'll often quote lyrics from the song immediately after.

Castles Burning

Her only direct offense, used only when she's extremely pissed and intends to do the most damage. She can set anything on fire with it--stone, water, asphalt, glass. Anything. She clenches a fist in front of her face, eyes glowing, and a ball of purple flame erupts to encompass it as she says the phrase, 'dead of night'. If you glance at her quick, it'll lookas if she's got wings made of flames, but it's probably your imagination. At that point she can throw the ball of flame, but she prefers to chase whoever's asking for it and set them on fire directly.


Saving Grace

Not so much a power, exactly, as a personality trait and incidental ability. If she touches any but an enemy, she tends to leave behind a sense of hope.

Phrases you can typically hear Liberty saying:

"If it's sharp, if it cuts....enjoy yourself."

"No one needs your kind of attitude."

"Feels like thunder...and so do I."

"I don't care what you wanna be...long as you're happy and free."

"Who do you think you're foolin'?"

"After stormy weather, does the sun shine every day?"

"I get lost sometimes, in my crazy world."

"You want trouble? Then that's just the way it'll be."

"Crisis is cool."

"He can't help it. And she's just that way."

"You need to get a life."

"Please don't tell me it's really you."

"I'll always know where you are."

"Great Pretender, here I go again!"

"If it makes you wanna jump and shout...go ahead."

"A little vertical persuasion would do me right."

"It's an old-fashioned song."

"One man's fear is another man's truth."

"Holy vengeance is the justice of Hell."

"You don't fool me with cynical lies."

"There's only so much one man can do."

"People always need a minute or two to think."

"Suck on this."

"You all know we can do it, if you put your mind to it."

"If you're lookin' for a better day, check the sky and see."

"You know I'd give my life for you."

"Seasons were made for the change."

"You've got something to hide, that you're not telling me."

"Don't need no feathers...don't need no twine."

"With time we are forgiven...in time, we will forget."

"I wanna know what the hell is going on."

"...it's a natural thing."

*A short intro tale*
Liberty by Tanya <3
'check the sky and see' by me
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