This game originally ran from 1999 - 2002 as a Sailor Moon based game. It's been retooled to remove the SM elements, and has been expanded a bit as well. Hopefully it's a little more obnoxious.

The Metaplot:

A group of beings have been created by music for the express purpose of protecting their individual band from harm. There are two separate, opposing groups: the Harmonies and the Disharmonies. Harmonies want to keep their bands and their music from being subverted to bland top 40's pop. A shadowy recording industry exec is trying to buy up all the record labels and force them to sign artists that sound alike - he thinks this'll guarantee hits every time. Bands he blackmails or makes a deal with end up signed to his own record label, Oblivion Records. He's being helped by the Disharmonies - avatars whose bands and music have already been subverted, or have broken up, leaving these Avatars homeless and without purpose. There is no good and evil in this game, just circumstance.

Where Does It Take Place?

Everywhere. There's no one locale; bands tour to promote their albums, and the Avatars will tour also. Sometimes it's LA, sometimes NY, sometimes Brazil or Toronto or Tokyo, Seattle or Cleveland. Wherever they're summoned by the music, they'll appear and will have to get used to being dropped in the middle of unfamiliar places and situations.

When Does It Take Place/Why?

Slightly ahead of present day, in the year 2008. The Millennium has changed things on the planet, opening doors between dimensions. This has allowed certain elements to take hold, and it's broken the barriers between reality and fantasy. Music and sound are part of the spectrum; radio waves are related to visible light, so in short every band has created it's own 'wavelength'. Music has begun to take on individual personalities. Depending on the type of energy expended, this means good, indifferent and evil entities have begun appearing randomly throughout the world.

Consider this: everytime you hear a song on the radio, those radio waves ripple outward just like ripples in a pond. Funny thing is, they don't stop. They leave earth's atmosphere and keep spreading outward. Your band is being heard forever. Radio waves are in the lower part of the spectrum; visible light is only a tiny part of the spectrum. Think of the band's 'wavelength'--and the Avatar's wavelength--as their own color that no one sees. Let's say everytime Avatar Poison walks on-screen, the other Avatars 'hear' the intro to 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn'. It's not that obvious, but it's just like that. It's like playing one note or a series of them and others recognizing you when they hear it.

Scientists say every star resonates at a particular pitch, below human hearing, and that they're out there ringing like bells in the dark. And remember those Memorex commercials? Ella Fitzgerald (I think it was her) would be singing and the glass would shatter. Just the right pitch and volume can do damage. If you find an object's pitch, you can counter-harmonize (or create feedback) and destroy it. The Avatar's wavelength will resonate at a certain pitch. Later on, several Avatars together may be able to use their powers all at once like a giant chord--and bring down buildings. Or something.

The intent is to have all of the Avatars come together at some final point and either resolve the threat--or lose magnificently. They will encounter each other a few at a time and begin to band together; they'll need to become aware of each other. Safety in numbers.


Your outfit should be based on symbols that your band uses--i.e., Journey based the majority of their album covers on themes pertaining to scarabs and infinity symbols. There is no standard outift. The one constant you should have is a necklace of some kind that would pertain to your band. If you wear a concert T and jeans, fine. But try and be different without screaming "LOOK WORLD! I AM VAN HALEN! POUNDCAKE, RIGHT HERE! COME AND GET ME!" And since we're dealing with rock bands, if you're a villain then you should have black leather in there somewhere and probably a few chains, maybe some tattoos. Props are great, but if they're being used in an attack, then you'll need to consider it a weapon and list it as such. The villains don't necessarily look tough and the good guys don't necessarily look innocent. Avatar Metallica won't be in a frilly dress and carrying a teddy bear. Well...okay, maybe.


The Avatars appear when their bands are in trouble. Later on, their bands will be able to summon them. Your attacks should be song titles, or song-title based. Example: 'Journey Chain Reaction,' or 'Def Leppard Rock Of Ages.' These are going to vary widely. Stay true to your band and the constraints good taste. There are some humdinger song titles out there. Weapons are fine, so long as they're based on a song lyric or title. We'll be able to add attacks later--especially if our bands release more albums, or we just can't resist one we think of later. We don't want unlimited attacks, but we'll need a good variety to be able to fully protect our bands.


Basically, you're the guardian for your band. But if your band has an animal motif of some kind, then you can work that in. On the last album they released, Journey used variations on a bird theme, and in the past, a 'bug' theme. Be creative. If you're even reading this far, if you're here at all, then you're possessed of a slightly twisted sense of humor and you're plagued with creativity. Amaze your friends. As a twist, when your Avatar isn't active, they may be 'sleeping' somewhere. Journey is known for their keyboardists' cherry red grand piano, nicknamed 'The Whale'. Avatar Journey's essence resides in The Whale between gigs.

**Who Are The Villains?

The main man here is a smarmy record exec. He's trying to destroy the bands that are out there with his underhanded dealing. He's never seen except by his henchman--much like Maris on 'Frasier'. He won't be controlled by anyone because he'll only be an impetus for the trouble that's caused. He wants all music to be under his control, and rock is the most powerful, in his eyes. The music world is in chaos, and is threatening to collapse because he's purchased the majority of the big record companies--but not all. He's building an empire and intends to take over the entire music industry. He runs a record label called 'Oblivion'. If you're a popular band and you don't sign up and become his mindless puppet, he'll send his minions out to sabotage your concerts, steal your master tapes, plant drugs on your tour bus at the borders of strict countries, send deadly groupies and chase you with evil paparazzi that will sell your secrets to the tabloids.

He has promised a variety of one-hit wonders new fame and fortune if they'll help him win the big bands over. He'll stop at nothing. Many bands who've fallen from grace are desperate for a second chance, and have fallen under his sway. Fallen disco bands are also great villains. Same goes for fallen rap groups, but we'll keep those to a minimum, because we're not trying to pit gendres against each other. We might make some nondescript groupies available for anyone to use as villains. Groupies and paparazzi may be combined. There will be backstabbing, cheating, lying and stealing. Just like in the real music business. There will be entertainment lawyers and double agents to keep it interesting. Anti-bands may subvert fans of the Harmony's bands to do their dirty work and use them as 'minions', but they'll primarily stick to their own fans.

**What Are The Villains After?

Your band. Hook, line and chorus. If you're defeated, their music will die and/or they'll be subverted into the clutches of evil, where their music will be used for destruction and to subvert others. You're an avatar representing and guarding your band. Every Avatar will have a songsignature that they'll recognize each other by; this won't be visible. It's a signature of their own personal wavelength. They'll be able to 'hear' each other, as if they were each striking a particular chord or playing a short melody. If you're recognized by the villains and they steal your songsignature (songsign for short), usually by electromagnetic means the way you would copy or erase a cassette tape, then your personality has been stolen. They'll be able to get to your band that way, and possibly start tracking the other Avatars. Otherwise, the only other way to your band is to blackmail them into signing on the dotted line for Oblivion Records. You need to keep your band from being blackmailed or otherwise forced into that.

One More Thing:

Remember, when your character becomes self aware, not all members of the band they belong to are going to be able to see them. And there's only one method of dialogue available to your character: LYRICS. Whether your character speaks to humans or other Avatars, they can only use the lyrics of the band they belong to. Expect to have lots of really cryptic conversations. Your Avatar will most likely be closest to the person in their band who writes the majority of the lyrics.