Taking the high road?

Perfect. Now consider the following:

1)Spellcheck. Get that punctuation right. If you don't care enough to see if your app and writing sample are spellchecked and your sentences make sense to some extent, no one will want to write with you. It's hard to communicate in a writing game when one of the players won't take the time to present themselves cleanly.

2) Have a look at the other Avatars who've already applied. If you're new to this whole RPG thing, don't worry. Just pick up a few tips here and there. Notice the consistencies; they've given their characters some typical things. Like personalities. Likes, dislikes, personality quirks. Your character isn't human; but she's got to pass for one when she's 'awake'. You can be outrageously different and still keep a few things in common with everyone else.

2) Be a fan. You probably are, if you're even thinking about doing this in the first place. Know the lyrics by heart, and think about what makes your band your band. Remember, it's not about just the members. It's about the whole. Even former members helped shape your band; it's a legacy-type thing. How's the music make you feel? If the music itself took on a form of its own tomorrow, what would it look like? How would it behave?

3) She/he doesn't have to be a good girl/boy/hermaphrodite. Sure, they're basically on the side of 'right'. Whatever that is. That doesn't mean they're above raising a little hell. I'm only trying to tell you predictable is bad. Mmmmmmk? Your character may have a fatal flaw that gets her in trouble. She may not be able to keep track of what side she's on. It depends on the 'tone' of your band. Weaknesses aren't a negative trait; they throw some mud on things and keep it interesting.

4) Try not to overlap anyone else's powers/characteristics. If you're really pulling your ideas from your band's lyrics and song titles --as well as the band member's personalities as a whole--you shouldn't have a problem. Try not to go for the typical: we don't need too many Avatars with fire/electrical/explosive powers. Something indirect can be just as destructive--or helpful. Powers can be offensive, defensive, or 'healing'. Or something inbetween. Go nuts with it. Or cause someone else to.

5) Your character's webpage can become a tribute to your band, as well. Does your band have a webring? Try and join it. Bet you $10 they've never seen anything like *you* before.