Feel like being bad?

Good. It's about time. Here are a few suggestions for applying for the Disharmony of your dreams:

1) You don't have to be a fan of this band. Love or hate them completely. It's your interest that'll carry the whole thing off. You're not going to want to write about something you couldn't care less about, are you?

2) Give the character something no one else has. Look at the other Disharmonies/Harmonies and make sure you're not overlapping. The song titles or lyrics of your chosen band will practically HAND good ideas to you. Be wildly creative.

3) You don't have to be flatline evil. The world isn't black and white; no sense having fantasy go there either. Maybe your Disharmony has a softspot. Maybe he/she could end up falling in love with one of the other Avatars. Plain old evil for its own sake can get boring. Com-pli-cate things. It's hard to just play one note all day. Even if your band only knows three chords.

4) Remember, you're not talking about individual personalities in your band of choice. For example, Milli Vanilli did lose a member to suicide; but your character is the sum of Milli Vanilli's career and the personalities of everyone who was/is in the band. You're representing a band; you're not a band. If your band's music were to gain a life of it's own, well, that's your character.

5) Subtlety is as cool/funny/obnoxious/evil as being blatant. Frontal attack is not always the way. Sabotage gets the job done, too, you know. A Disharmony behind the scenes--or in plain sight but looking innocent--is sometimes worse than the one out on Main Street knocking over a building. It's hard for a Disharmony to hide from other Disharmonies or Harmonies--you're on each other's wavelength, basically. But to plain old human beings, you'd be another Joe Sixpack. So you can actually walk into Tower Records and steal the CD's of your most hated band. Or at least put them out of alphabetical order...