Please submit to the GM as either a website link, or as an email with an attachment (rich text or html format only, thanks). The subject line should read "AORRPG app: (band name)".

Requirements: you'll need to have a website for your character and be able to submit at least one picture. Free webservers like Geocities and Tripod provide plenty of space and support to get you started if you don't already have webspace of your own.


Character name: The band you're applying for.

Affiliation: Harmony or Disharmony?

Nicknames: If your band is aware they have an avatar, they probably have nicknames for him or her.

Birthdate: The date your band first appeared onstage. If you only have the year, that's fine.

Likes and dislikes: Optional.

* Provide links to at least one official AND one fan-run webpage for your band. That way the rest of us can meet them, if we're not already familiar with them. Also, list the band members and write a one-sentence blurb about what they do and who they are. You can go longer here if you like.

* Personality: Your avatar should be a combination of the personality traits of all members of the band. If the band is newer, your avatar is going to behave younger and have less to say (fewer albums out means fewer lyrics to draw from). Likewise, if your band is older, they'll have more to say and be more likely to behave and/or look older. Describe your avatar's behavior in at least three paragraphs and give examples of how this reflects the members of their band. Example: Journey has a tendency to just say whatever she's thinking sometimes, regardless of whether it's appropriate, and she gets that from her band's guitarist. Your character will not have a separate, individual personality of their own, but a combination of traits from the band. The more info you provide, the easier it is for the rest of the cast to get a grip on how to interact with your character.

* History: This should be a combination history of your character and the band you've chosen - your character's history IS the band's history. How did your character play a part in it, directly or indirectly? At what point did they become self aware? Has any member of the band ever seen your avatar, and if so, how did they react? Give us at least three paragraphs about how the band got together, whether there have been any lineup changes, and anything significant in the band's history - number one hits or albums, death of a band member, band members sleeping together or having kids together. All the good major stuff. How does any of it play into your avatar's overall behavior?

* Appearance: Your avatar looks and dresses like a combination of his/her band's members throughout the band's history. From head to toe, describe your avatar, and where he/she gets each trait from. Height, hair, skin and eye color, etc. You're providin a picture, but your writing skills will come out in your descriptions of your character.

* Add a list of the most common phrases your avatar will use - it doesn't need to be long, just enough so that other players will be able to look at it and get a feel for your band's lyrics. Remember, your avatar does not use regular phrases in conversation with its band, other avatars, or strangers. They speak in lyrics only, so we'll need to see this to see what kind of conversations your character might be having with others.

* Powers/Abilities: Here's where you describe what your character's powers are. Your character should have three powers, at least one attack and one defense. The third can be a choice of either. Attacks are based on your band's songs, and are named based on song titles or a particular lyric. For examples, please see the webpages of existing characters. Include the following information:

1)Title - based on a song title or a particular lyric.

2)Describe what it looks like to bystanders and whether there's a phrase associated with it. Your avatar doesn't need to speak a phrase to activate the attack or defense, but if they do, let us know about it here.

3)Describe the effect of the power. Try to avoid 'god-moding', i.e. this power solves all problems and ends the story. How does it affect the target? Will it accidentally affect bystanders? How? How long does the attack last?

In addition to powers, your character may also have an ability - meaning, something that affects their immediate area or an individual they're with. Again, see the pages of existing characters for examples.

Older bands only: you can have an attack based on an entire album, but use this wisely, as it's going to be more powerful and will drain your character more than a regular song-attack would. Contact the GM first if you're going to include an album attack.

Writing Sample: Submit approximately one page of a mini-story that gives us a sense of your character and his/her band, as well as your writing skills and grasp of grammar.


Your info:

Name you'd like to go by:

Email you'll be using for the game:

Prior experience: None required. Any other RPGs? If so, what, and who do you play?