Name: Rian Arleigh Saied

Derived from several places. Rian: Americanized in part from her Persian name, Roshanai, meaning 'light'. She doesn't use her Persian name. Ever. Period. She doesn't want folks calling her 'Roz' or 'Rose' or whatever else they might come up with. She mixed the letters around and came up with Rian while she was in middle school, and prefers that. 'Arleigh' is Gaelic for 'pledge'. Saied is a typical Persian surname meaning 'prosperous' or 'lucky'.

Age: 20

Birthdate: 5/1. Glenn Ford's birthday. He starred in 'The 3,000 Mile Chase' which is as close as I could get to justifying the date. So there.

Astrological Sign: Taurus. Reliable, determined, stubborn, and don't forget...sensual.

Mother, Haideh; father Massoud; younger brother Shahin ('Royal' in Persian, Americanized to Shawn). Her father is a financial advisor in downtown Roanoke; a tall, imposing looking gentleman with a dark complexion and a heavy mustache that hides many of his expressions. He has a very staid, forbidding air, but he's actually a very compassionate, personable man. He doesn't care to see a thing out of place, but he won't stand by and demand that others keep things that way for him - one thing he has embraced wholeheartedly about America is the equality between married couples. Her mother (whose olive skin is lighter than her husband's, and has a very dark red cast to her black hair) is an accountant who works out of the home and has her home ordered in accordance with the facts and figures she keeps right o the top of her head. Organized to a fault, she nonetheless has always found time for that Halloween costume, that last minute dinner party for Massoud's boss, or that last minute fool at 11:55pm on April 14th. She has a sweet, open expression in her wide dark eyes most of the time, but the neighborhood kids have learned she's the one to worry about, not Massoud. Both are very traditional in their views, but they allow their children freedoms they did not have in Iran. The family practices Islam, but neither Shawn or Rian are held to any strict religious views or forced to study on a regular basis if they don't want to. Rian's maternal grandmother was Irish, from Connemara, which accounts for her middle name and part of her looks. Their lives are busy but her home is a loving, supportive environment. Her brother Shahin is 13, was born in the States, and is old enough to know how to push her buttons without suffering the consequences and also provide opinions on roughly everything she's interested in. They get along well despite the teasing. During October of Season II, he accidentally discovered Rian's penchant for running around after dark in a skirt, and he's not dealing with it well.

Roanoke College, as a junior. Going for a major in business management, which bores the blue hell out of her. But she wants a good shot at getting her foot in the door of many places that do not want to see an English degree on a resume. She's looking for a career that'll allow her to study cartography to her heart's content in her off time, live comfortably, and maybe become a good platform to allow her to do the travelling she wants to. She wouldn't mind being a stockbroker, and breaking into the financial world like her parents. Mainly because she wouldn't mind making serious money. Failing that, she wouldn't mind working for MapQuest. Right now she's working at a Starbucks in the Crossroads strip mall right next to Books-A-Million and pays rent to her parents like a good girl over 18 should. She's paying her own way ('tis a pride thing).

Baking, and playing the saxophone. The shortest distance between two points. Getting there with minutes to spare. Alannis Morissette, especially 'One Hand In My Pocket'. She thinks of it as her theme song.

Turtles. Hesitant people and creatures. Electronic things that don't work properly. Turtles. Going the long way around (which she refers to as 'going around the block to cross the street'). Turtles.

Fav. Food: Blueberry muffins. Baked just right, of course.

Hated Food: Cranberry sauce. She insists she's seen it move. By itself.

Fav. Subject: Physics. And don't forget track.

Hated Subject: Biology. Once, there was a turtle there. Things got ugly.

Color: Orange. Duh.

Amature cartography; and not just showing where the places are, either. She also likes to show the best way to get there, the exact time involved and what to avoid on what day. She's got a few ideas for improving the area's traffic, and no one's listening to her yet. She also likes to collect tiny glassblown animals. But there are no turtles in her collection.

Gemstone: Hematite.


Rian's family hails from Iran, specifically from a suburb of Tehran. She was young when her father was transferred and they moved to Salem. Her parents met at Tehran University, where her father was attending to get his master's degree in Finance. Her mother, was also in the Finance program, hoping to immigrate to the States. Both parents speak fluent English in addition to Farsi (Farsi is Persian, or Iranian, for those o' you playing the home game).

Rian was born in Tehran, and was young enough when they left--three--that she doesn't remember how restrictive Tehran could be for a girl of her nature; were she to move back there now for any reason, she certainly wouldn't fit in well. The heat would drive her nuts, and stripping down to shorts and a bikini top with her hair in a huge orange ponytail might raise a few eyebrows.

Rian has grown up in Salem, and by default of sharing a boundary, Roanoke. She spent most of her teenage after-school free time in Roanoke, going to the movies with friends or just generally hanging out at Valley View (parents: "Hanging out is not constructive!"). She attended Salem High and actually managed to hit a 4.0 one semester during her senior year (she was in three bands. Jazz, wind ensemble, and chamber ensemble. Racking up those electives. 4.0 doesn't really count in that case). Her grades were steady B's otherwise. She began working part time at Starbucks when she was 17. After graduation, she moved to full time and went straight to college that fall, knowing that if she took that ever-popular 'year off' that most of her friends did, she'd lose her momentum. And Rian is a girl that likes momentum.

Since then she's been very focused on her studies, maintaining a 3.7 gpa, and dating occasionally for fun. She isn't serious about relationships; she feels she's still too young to be serious about much of anything, let alone who she'll spend the rest of her life with. She's too much of a handful for most, anyway. Her parents feel she should already have settled down, but that phrase will never apply to their daughter, and they know it. They're eyeing Shawn as their only hope for grandchildren down the road.

Rian is currently bent on obtaining her US citizenship, mainly because it will make many things easier for her. She would like to be able to leave and regain entry to the US without much passport hassling. She can imagine leaving Salem, but not permanently; she'd like to see the world, yet home is home. Her paternal grandparents still reside in Tehran, and her maternal grandparents in London, and she would like to see them in person.

Once she graduates college, she intends to find that dream job and her own apartment, where she can paper the walls with her maps. Roommates: no. Nooooooo.

She knows quite a bit of Farsi and speaks it when she feels like it. She's a natural mimic, which somehow rarely offends. Her friends think it's hysterical and they goad her into it often, usually in the middle of class. She has a wide and perverse sense of humor, and tends to be very independant, but she won't embarrass or shame anyone out of hand. She has a sympathetic streak that's caused her to bring home many birds...squirrels...cats...homeless people...

She likes to practice saxophone in the backyard. Whether the neighbors like it or not is of little concern to her. The dog next door howls during the majority of the sessions. She's trying to get better at it. Outside the house, she occasionally curses like...well, like a sailor. There are words she won't say: these fall under the 'three-dollar' category, because if you're caught saying them in the Saied household, it comes out of your pocket. She will say the $1.50 words all the time, though. Yes, she's plenty old enough to swear. But while she's still living at home, she can't do that in front of her parents.

Rian, above all, is almost bizarrely loyal. She defends friends and family to the point of doing it blindly. They could rob a bank right in front of her, and she would argue that there must be a perfectly good reason for it. The lengths someone would have to go to, to get rid of her, have yet to be found. If you've proven yourself trustworthy, you will always be trustworthy. That doesn't necessarily mean you're incapable of wrong in her eyes. Don't step on her; it'll hurt. But you're under her protection, hands down. She's very careful about what's 'right' or 'wrong'. Once commited, she is relentless. Or...she'll have to be commited, if you want to stop her.

Why is this troublesome?

Well, she'll go straight after someone who does you wrong, if she loves you. This has been known to get her in a bit of trouble--shooting first and asking questions later. She's not a violent girl (outside of her Senshi duties, that is). But she can create quite a fuss, and it doesn't matter if it's in public or behind closed doors. She can be a fury of motion and sound, and people twice her size often find her relatively intimidating when she's having what her brother refers to as a 'hothead moment'. She'll plot vengeance for a slight to someone she loves, whether it's real or imagined. She's stayed out of jail. So far.

I said, so far.

Oh, also: she takes good care of herself and works out. So that thing I said, about not stepping on her? It really will hurt, if you do.

She might seem a little impatient sometimes. Just get out of the way.

Rian is of average height, roughly 5'5", medium slender build, approximately 120 lbs when she hasn't been eating too many muffins. She's got wavy orange hair that falls to her waist and hazel eyes that shift in combinations of green, brown, gold and blue. She's the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, just like in the Beatles song. Her skin is a dusky olive color typical of people of Middle Eastern descent. She usually likes to leave her hair down, but she can be persuaded to 'do something with it' when her parents beg her to. It doesn't trouble her to have it in her way. She keeps it shorter on top so that the bangs fall all over and give her a slightly wild look.

She has a small scar on the underside of her chin that resulted from an escapade involving a neighbor, that neighbor's fence, and Rian's attempt to knock on that neighbor's door and run away one Halloween when she was a bit younger. Okay...she was actually 17 at the time.

She likes to dress in whatever's comfortable, no matter what it looks like. Clothes are functional to her, and she doesn't seem to understand what she refers to as 'that whole fashion thing'. Naturally, that attitude goes over better in college than it did in high school. She doesn't mind earrings, and can occasionally be caught wearing nail polish when she's in the mood.

Sailor Aldebaran's fuku consists of the typical sleeveless white bodysuit. Her main color is a fiery orange. There's an orange bow on the front at chest-height with a 6 pointed star in the center, and another bow in the back at the waist. The bow in the back is larger and trails a bit. The bow in the front adorns an orange shirt of a wraparound design that is knotted just under her ribcage and has the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Her boots are white and reach halfway up the thigh, and her gloves are likewise white and run halfway up the bicep. She has a loose belt that slants over one hip, and long, loose, orange, fluttering ribbons tied around the knees of her boots as well as her wrists. Her skirt begins at a point in the front and slants down to mid-knee at the back, looking almost like a set of tails...but not. It too is orange. She has a downturned, pointed choker of the same color at her throat, and a slender white face guard that trails down her temples and curves outward just past her jaw. It crosses her forehead and tapers into points at the top of her head, making it look like she has...horns. Yup. Horns.


"Aldebaran Astra Power, Make Up!"

She holds her henshin object--an antique key, which is also her symbol--out away from herself, pointing it directly away at chest height as if she might open a large door with it, (or make an accusation) and shouts her henshin phrase. She makes it sound like a threat. She makes it sound and look like "Oh my God, you've done it now!"

The key elongates, becoming her weapon, the Sentinel Key. Rian stands on her toes with her hands raised to shoulder height, palms out and fingers very slightly curled as if she's about to pounce. A flash of orange briefly obscures her, and her orange avatar hovers with her eyes showing as the only difference. The Sentinel Key tumbles into place across her back out of nowhere; then the ribbons at her knees and wrists appear, as a sparkling ribbon spiral travels down her body and snaps the rest of her fuku into place. She ends her transformation with feet apart, one hand angled back toward the teeth of the Key and one hand across her brow as if looking into the distance.


Aldebaran Pinpoint Pursuit:
With this, she locates a fleeing and/or hiding enemy, and doesn't need to speak the phrase; she only needs to touch the Key. The Sentinel Key acts as a radar/compass and will indicate the direction an enemy has gone by giving her a 'feeling'. Then, usually, she begins a kamikaze pursuit, with or without her teammates (if there are any around). She isn't rebellious; Sailor Aldebaran's very existence is the chase, and she goes about it with the single mindedness that dogs use while chasing cars. If she's quick enough, their lair may be revealed to her, whether it be interdimensional or across the street. If the enemy has injured someone she cares about, she'll try and take them on by herself out of outrage.

Aldebaran Safe Haven:
With this, she herself can hide behind (or inside) anything she chooses to by materializing through it. She needs the key to perform this. She will occasionally use it as a second offense while chasing someone; i.e. if she can't get around something, she'll go through. Sometimes she forgets to use the dematerialization power first, and goes on through anyway. The girl has had countless concussions. To begin, she speaks the power phrase in a conversational tone of voice, holding the Sentinel Key parallel to her body. Then she dashes for her target, say, a wall, holding the Key out at shoulder height as if she meant to pole-vault herself over. Instead, she will enter the wall and vanish.

Storystuff: Rian/Aldebaran first appeared in Season I in 'Dave Thomas, We Salute You' (yes...THAT WENDY'S STORY). She went on to run afoul of a few Graikos at a pumpkin-carving contest, wait on a customer from the depths of hell while at work, break up a robbery and accidentally save a Grigori, nearly lose her virginity/phallic symbol senshiness to the Romanus, and make sweet love to hokey pokey in an alleyway with an Angelus she could actually like. Poor girl, she has more to come. She's currently declared herself a loner, out hoofing it alone, running into the occasional teammate and mostly looking for a little Grigori in yellow that she can pound into shortbread. Kokabel has to go.

Folks she knows, good, bad and ugly:
Gemma, Sculptor, Pisces, Pluto, Sombrero, (knew)Draco, Tycho, Gawain, Phoenix, Tyche, Persephone, Tisiphone, Bacchus, Urania, Ariel, Kokabel and Armers.


Aldebaran. One of the four 'Guardians Of Heaven', watching over the other stars. Considered war-like. No--this isn't to insinuate that Middle Eastern folks are war-like. I know too many people from the Tehran area who can disprove that.

Known in Persian legend as 'Watcher Of The East'. (AHA! The Persian connection!!) Brightest member of the constellation Taurus, the Bull. As in, bull in a china shop. An orange giant and member of the Hyades star cluster, Aldebaran means, 'the follower', and it was given that designation because of how closely it follows the Pleiades in the autumn/winter sky. Booyah.

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